How is it different?

Science and literacy - each in the service of the other.

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading offers an innovative research-based approach to science and literacy instruction.

  • The Do-it, Talk-it, Read-it, Write-it approach engages students in learning science concepts in depth, while explicitly teaching students to read, write, and discuss as scientists do.
  • Unlike many science programs, the educational effectiveness of Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading for all students has been clearly demonstrated in independent research studies.
  • Unlike most curricula, Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading instruction is specifically designed to be accessible to English language learners.
  • The curriculum offers a unique focus on informational text, and uses science content as an authentic context for literacy learning.
  • Teacher’s guides feature educative elements that help teachers to develop skills, strategies, and knowledge that can be carried over to other areas of their teaching practice.

Science-literacy integration is more than just readings or notebooks tacked on to hands-on science. Real integration involves students in the whole range of practices of real scientists- including observing, investigating, reading, writing, discussing, discovering, and explaining.
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Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading is specifically designed to be accessible to English language learners and also includes optional accommodations to further enhance instruction for these students.
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Alongside the step-by-step instructions for each session, the teacher’s guide includes just-in-time pedagogical information for the teacher including notes about adjusting lessons for English language learners, notes about research on student misconceptions, approaches to teaching reading and writing, tips for leading student-centered discussions, and much more.
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