What is Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading?

Success for all students through a truly integrated curriculum.

Classrooms using Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading experience increased student achievement in both literacy and science for a range of diverse students, including English language learners. The Do-it, Talk-it, Read-it, Write-it approach for grades 2-5 engages students in learning science concepts in depth, while increasing their skills in reading, writing, and discussing as scientists do. Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading units save teachers time by allowing them to teach science and literacy together. It can be used during science, literacy, or as supplementary instruction. The curriculum is informed by research, verified by rigorous evaluations, and field-tested in classrooms around the country.

Our approach is based on the latest educational research, and is designed to reflect the practices of real scientists, and to meet the needs of all students, including English language learners.
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Each Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading unit includes student books, materials for hands-on activities, assessments, an innovative teacher’s guide, and more.
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Our books play a variety of roles, such as providing context for students’ investigations, modeling scientific processes, supporting both first- and second- hand inquiry, and providing content that is difficult to observe firsthand.
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