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Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading offers many solutions for a variety of schools and classroom settings. It can be used during science, English Language Arts, and English Language Development time, and in summer school and other supplementary educational settings. Around the country, schools and districts are finding Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading to be an effective and flexible tool for increasing student achievement in both science and literacy.

Each unit engages students in learning standards-based science topics, inquiry skills, and the nature and practices of science. As students use academic vocabulary and connect science text to hands-on experiences, they deepen their science understanding.
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Hands-on science motivates students to read and write, and to increase their use of academic language. Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading uses science as an authentic context for explicitly teaching students many English Language Arts standards.
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Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading units were designed to support students who may struggle academically. Each teacher’s guide provides teachers with strategies to meet each student’s needs.
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Find out how schools and districts across the country are using Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading.

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Find out how our units address your state’s academic science and literacy standards, as well as the National Science Education Standards.

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