Use it as a Supplementary Learning Experience

Boosting achievement with struggling students

The academic support Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading offers a diverse range of students makes it an excellent option for providing supplementary learning experiences for struggling students. Not only are students benefitting from the integrated science and literacy approach—teachers report that student engagement with Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading is high. A comprehensive assessment suite (including summative and formative assessments, as well as scoring guides), and just-in-time teaching options ensure that teachers have the tools they need to meet each student’s needs.

The hands-on and inquiry science activities in Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading motivate students to read and write, and to increase their use of academic language. Each unit includes in-depth and explicit standards-based instruction and practice in reading informational text. Each unit also includes in-depth instruction in specific kinds of science writing such as scientific explanations or compare/contrast, as well as opportunities for informal writing. Students learn to speak and listen as scientists do, and they learn and use academic vocabulary related to the science topic. Each unit offers systematic and explicit instruction related to increasing students’ academic and science vocabulary.

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading helps build the background knowledge students need in order to be successful in later grades. It can be used in summer school, extended day/week, and other intervention settings, to boost students’ achievement and help prepare them to meet grade-level expectations.

Case Study: Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading as supplementary learning experience

Engaging Students in Summer School Literacy Intervention

A large, urban, under-performing district in Tennessee is using Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading as part of a summer school plan to rapidly boost student achievement. Students selected for the summer school program have been struggling academically and are at risk for retention. Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading is part of the intensive literacy intervention program designed to get students back on track by the beginning of the next school year. Check back in the Fall for results and testimonials related to this case!