Family Connection

Families have an important role in their child’s science education. There are many ways for teachers and parents to work together to enhance students' science learning.

Strengthening the link between home and school

Families see firsthand how their children naturally ask questions and make discoveries about the world around them. These are signs of a budding scientist. Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading units help your children learn science concepts in depth, while increasing their skills in reading, writing, and discussing as scientists do. They experience engaging hands-on activities and read award-winning science books. They discuss and write to reflect on their learning and share discoveries. The units are research-based and meet state and national standards in both science and literacy. Students in Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading classrooms demonstrate higher achievement in both literacy and science. They develop skills that lay the foundation for success in high school, college, and beyond. You’ll see your child’s excitement about science grow.

Home investigations

Each unit in Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading includes several home investigations for families to do at home. They provide a great opportunity for parents to share and support their child’s learning.

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Questions to ask at home

Find questions related to the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading unit your child is studying.

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