How to Support Your Child

There are many ways you can help your child achieve as much as possible in the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading curriculum… and in school in general.

Talk about science at home.

Research shows that talking about academic subjects at home increases achievement. You don’t need to know a lot about science to talk with your child about what they’ve been doing and learning.

Encourage reading at home.

Research shows that students who read at home and who see their parents reading at home have higher academic achievement.

Volunteer to help in science class

Some Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading lessons require a fair amount of set-up or can benefit from the assistance of a few adults in the classroom. Ask the teacher how you can help. Your child’s motivation is likely to increase on seeing your interest in helping, and your involvement has also been shown to benefit the other students.

Set high expectations

Make sure your child knows that you expect he will be very successful in science class. Talk to the teacher about his science work and how you can help him set achievement goals.

Organize family activities related to science

Help your child extend her science learning outside the classroom by visiting museums, science centers, nature centers, parks, zoos, aquariums, or natural features such as lakes, beaches, or mountains. You can also do science-related activities right at home—look at the night sky together, watch science documentary videos, set up a bird feeder, start a garden, and lots more

Support English language learners.

If your family also speaks a language other than English at home, there are some other great ways to help your child succeed in science.