Jacqueline Barber, Co-Principal Investigator

Jacqueline Barber is the co-principal investigator for Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading, is associate director of the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS), leading the LHS Center for Curriculum Development and Implementation and the GEMS Program. She has worked in K–12 science and mathematics education for over 25 years, in curriculum and professional development, and is the author of many inquiry science teacher’s guides. She also has a background in scientific research. She has a degree in physiology and did research in endocrinology on a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Strasbourg, France.

Articles and Presentations

  • Barber, Jacqueline
    In this presentation at the 2009 STANYS conference in Rochester, NY, Jacquey Barber discusses the importance of explicit instruction in disciplinary literacy practices. She shares the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading approach, which includes a balance of learning modalities and uses reading and writing in ways that are authentic to science.
  • Goss, Megan, Suzanna Loper, and Jacqueline Barber
    In this March 2010 presentation at the annual ASCD conference, both literacy and science developers discussed the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading approach to academic language development. Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading helps students develop facility with language by teaching them to think, talk, and write like scientists. Participants learned about this research-validated approach to integrated science/literacy instruction and how it helps all students learn academic language.