Are You in Need of a Doc Cam? I Have Found the 13 Best Document Cameras for Teachers

As a teacher with several years of experience teaching young people, I wanted to find a better way to display specific objects and notes to all my students when presenting or giving a lecture. I immediately came across a unique product called a document camera. I was impressed with what other teachers were saying about it. Therefore, I decided to do some research to find the best one to fit my needs.

Are You in Need of a Document Camera? I Have Found the 13 Best Document Cameras for Teachers

After I picked out a specific document camera that worked best for my classroom, I decided to help other teachers who may also be looking for it to benefit their lesson plans. I researched over 40 different products and narrowed my list of best document cameras for teachers down to 13.

Natacha Moore is using a doc cam to teach her students how to multi-task and she does it remotely! I find it really awesome!

If you are not satisfied with my list or cannot find exactly what you are looking for, I recommend also checking out the AVer M5, the Epson DC-07, and the Lumens DC172. Although these three products are not on my list, they are great options. However, I believe that the products on my list are better, and I am confident that you will find what you are looking for.

Once you have read this article, you will officially know:

  • What a document camera is
  • How to use it
  • How to choose a doc cam
  • My list of best document cameras for teachers
  • Other recommended items that you may need

See my list of the best models of this device:

My List of 13 Best Document Cameras for Teachers

Best for teachers, professors, business managers, and educators.

My Top Pick!
Amazon →


Walmart →


Best for conference calls, distance learning, remote teaching.

Amazon → 


AVer U50

Best for teachers and educators who are teaching remotely.

Amazon →

AVer →

B&H →


Best for teachers and educators who are teaching in person.

Also great!

Amazon →


Walmart →

THUSTAR 2-in-1

Best for teachers with YouTube channels.

Amazon →

Best for teachers and educators who are tech-savvy and have used devices like this before.

Amazon →

Best for remote teaching and web conferences.


Amazon →

Best for teachers who spend their time teaching in a classroom.

Amazon →


Walmart →


Best for educators who are at least slightly tech-savvy.

Amazon →



Best for distance learning and web conferences.

Amazon →



Best for educators who are teaching in-person and remotely.

Amazon →

Best for teachers who need to scan large amounts of documents.

Amazon →


Walmart →


Best for teachers who need to show objects, conduct a web conference, or provide notes.

Also great!

Amazon →

Below you’ll find some useful info about doc cams and the best models’ reviews.

What Is a Document Camera?

A document camera is a type of visual or image presenter. This tool is known for allowing users to display an object to a large number of people at once. In simple terms, it is a modern-day projector. In fact, these neat devices are high-resolution cameras that are mounted perfectly to be placed over a sheet of paper. Teachers, educators, and business managers find them useful because they allow them to write notes or show an object while the students or employees are watching.

The Document Camera Can Magnify Images of Three-Dimensional Objects as Well as Transparencies

There are three different types of document cameras that you should be aware of. These include portable doc cams, desktop doc cameras, and document cams that are mounted from the ceiling. The portable ones are great for someone who travels often and needs a device that can travel on the go with them. A desktop model is the most common choice among individuals, as this device is perfect for placing over a sheet of paper or object to show their audience. Lastly, a ceiling doc cam is typically used over a table to show very large objects to the audience. It is usually used during video conferences or virtual meetings or classes.

Another neat, modern-day tool that is commonly used in the classroom is the interactive whiteboard. If you would like to learn more information about this product, check out my other article by clicking here. Throughout the article, I explain what this type of board is as well as provide a list of the best interactive whiteboards for your convenience.

How to Use a Document Camera?

Whether you are teaching in the classroom or virtually, there are different ways to use a doc cam. I will tell you about a few various ways that you can make the most out of this useful device below.

In the Classroom

This device will certainly be a useful part of your classroom environment.

1. Read and Write Along With Your Students

Even though modern-day society is centered around technology, teachers still often use textbooks and printed assignments. You can use your document camera to follow along with students in textbooks or novels while they are reading aloud. Another way is to write specific notes and show them on it, so the students can copy what you write.

It Will Be Easier for Children to Cope by Seeing an Example

2. Put the “Show” in Show-and-Tell

All students love to play the game called show-and-tell! It becomes an important part of their day at school because they get the opportunity to tell other students about an object that they love to play with or is important to them. To make this game even more fun, you can display the object that the child is showing to the class on it.

3. Make Demonstrations More Interesting

With every child having a different learning style, some children do not comprehend well with teachers only explaining something. Sometimes, they need to be able to see what you are explaining. A document camera is an excellent tool when it comes to demonstrating how something works.

Such Lessons Will Be Remembered by Children for a Long Time

4. Review and Discuss Certain Problems

Instead of only telling students that they got a problem wrong, you can use the doc cam to show them where the error occurred and explain how they can fix it next time. Seeing where they went wrong while doing a problem will benefit both you and them.

5. Show Your Students Science Labs

When you are doing labs or showing how to do them, place the objects being used under the doc cam for the entire class to see. This will help make sense of the science lab they are about to do. For example, show them the specific edges on a rock, the beautiful colors on a flower, or how to dissect a frog.

It Is Safer to Look at the Experiments on the Screen, and Not Up Close

6. Let Students Do Presentations With the Document Camera

Some students learn better and build confidence by teaching their peers. So, it is a great idea to let students use the doc cam to show their presentations, objects, and charts.

For Online and Socially Distanced Education

This way you can empower your students during online classes.

1. Show Younger Students How to Write ABC’s or Do Simple Math Problems

You can use paper and worksheets that show students how to write their ABCs, 123’s, and how to do simple math problems. Place the paper underneath the document camera and let the students follow along and copy as you write.

It Is Immediately Clear Which Part of the Task You Are in

2. Show Students Pages in Textbooks and Novels

Students love to hear stories read to them. This device can make this experience even better by showing them the page that you are reading. This allows the students to follow along and make sure they are on track.

Teachers in LE Shaw Elementary School in Avonport, NS, Canada use doc cams while reading classes. Great job!

3. Fix Math and English Problems

Instead of only telling students that they got a problem wrong, you can show them how to fix it by using the doc cam.

CLSD Tech Services are already using this device for hybrid ESL classes!

4. Review Assignments and Homework With Students

Being socially distanced or learning remotely can be difficult. Therefore, you can use this device to review assignments and homework with the entire class.

The Whole Class Will See an Example in Front of Them

5. Show Students Important Images, Poems, Maps, etc.

To make your teaching lessons more fun, you should consider including images, poems, charts, maps, and more. However, being socially distanced or in an online educational environment may make this difficult. That is where the document camera comes in. This unique device can make it easier to show students important objects that go along with your teachings.

6. Help Make Learning Science Easier by Magnifying Samples and Objects

Since a student cannot be physically nearby to receive help from you while doing a science experiment, you can use the doc cam to magnify samples or objects that will be beneficial to them during the experiment. For example, you may need to show them a certain tool to use or how to dissect the object in the correct spot.

The Lesson Material Will Be Remembered Faster Along With Its Illustration

For an in-depth explanation of how to use a doc cam for online education, take a look at HuddleCamHD’s YouTube video. This is a quick 11-minute video that tells you how it benefits online and distance education, which is important to know and understand during these pandemic times.

To see how it can be used in a physical classroom, head over to Langara College’s YouTube video. This video explains how to use this unique product in the classroom to benefit your lesson plans as well as your students’ learning.

Next, I will go over one of the most important elements of this article, which is how to choose a document camera.

How to Choose a Document Camera – An Ultimate Guide

There are several tips that I suggest taking into consideration when choosing this device. By following these tips, you will make sure that you choose the best doc cam that fits you, your classroom, and your students.

The Guide to Choosing a Document Camera — Q&A
1. Do you need a document camera that can easily move from place to place? If the answer to this question is yes, I suggest narrowing your search down to only portable doc cam. Make sure it is lightweight and easy to carry around.
2. Do you need a document camera that can be mounted to the ceiling? If you answered yes, my advice is to only check out ceiling doc cam. This is great for very large classes, meetings, or gatherings.

3. Do you need it to be able to connect to a computer or interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards and computers are commonly used by teachers in classrooms. Therefore, if you need to use your whiteboard or computer with your document camera, make sure it possesses the ability to connect.
4. Do you need video camera or webcam features? Since virtual learning is on the rise, ensuring that your doc cam has video camera or webcam features may be very important. This allows your students to see you virtually while also seeing the objects displayed under it.
5. Do you teach remotely and need it to have Zoom?
When it comes to doc cams, Zoom is another feature that is becoming important to consider. This allows students who are virtually attending your session to be able to see the objects that you are presenting.

6. How high is your budget?

Do not take your budget lightly. If you do not have a lot to spend, do not look at items that are too expensive. Most schools give teachers a specific budget to stick to, so you should make sure that you do not go over that budget.

7. Do you have a lot of space or only a small space?

Consider the space that you have before selecting a document camera. The reason for this is because you do not want to select a model that takes up more space than you have. If you do so, you will just cause yourself a headache by needing to return the device.

8. How much lighting do you need?

Some doc cams tend to work better in dimmer environments, while others are equipped with a light source. If you believe that you will need a lot of light, my recommendation is to choose a device that comes with a light source.

Before choosing a document camera, watch Pocketful of Primary’s YouTube video. In this video, the lady shows her virtual teaching setup as well as explains how this setup is beneficial for her teaching lessons.

If you are also in the midst of deciding between getting tablets or laptops for your students, I have written the perfect article on this topic. Both are great products to have, but not every school’s budget can afford both. Therefore, I suggest taking a look at this article to help you decide which one is better for your classroom.

Best Document Cameras for Teachers

Out of 40 various devices, I have come up with a list of the best document cameras for teachers. This list is based on what I believe will work the best for teachers and educators as well as what I believe will benefit students and their learning styles. Below, I will provide the list as well as my personal reviews of each.

The following are the best document cameras for teachers:


The IPEVO V4K  is the perfect presentation tool. It captures ultra-high-definition pictures as well as produces excellent smooth live streaming.

Works With a Variety of Software and Applications


  • Easy to set up and begin using
  • Images are crystal clear
  • Great value and quality


  • Will need to download software
  • Does not work with Zoom

Fast Focusing Speed Helps Minimize Interruptions

Best For: This device is best for teachers, professors, business managers, and educators. It is great for in the classroom and distant learning.

Buying Options


The IPEVO DO-CAM  is a great device for professional visual presentations. It allows users to capture real-time images as well as use a webcam for distance teaching and conference calls.

Capture Details of Your Materials in Ultra HD Resolution


  • Compatible with Zoom
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to connect and begin using


  • May not be able to capture a full sheet of paper
  • No built-in light for individuals who need more light

DO-CAM Is Convenient to Use, Store, and Carry Around

Best For: This device is best for teachers, educators, professors, and business managers. It can be used for conference calls, distance learning, remote teaching, and more.

Buying Options

3. AVer U50

The Aver U50 is a plug-and-play device that captures excellent video quality. It is created to begin working directly out of the box with any type of program that you may need.

Just Plug Into Any USB Connection and You're Up and Running!


Very easy to set up

Plug-and-play with any type of program

Sharp images and videos


  • Does not have an adjustable zoom feature

Capture Stunning Video from 1080p HD up to 1944p

Best For: This device is best for teachers and educators who are teaching remotely as well as in person.

Buying Options


The IPEVO VZ-X  is an exceptional tool that allows teachers to engage with their students from anywhere. It is a wireless document camera that magnifies clear images and videos for your convenience.

9-12 Hours of Battery Life


  • Compatible with Zoom
  • Great customer service
  • Very flexible


  • Issues with Wi-Fi
  • Instructions may be complicated to understand

Built-in LED Illuminates the Shooting Area

Best For: This device is best for teachers and educators who are teaching in person or virtually.

Buying Options

5. THUSTAR 2-in-1

The THUSTAR 8MP Doc Cam & Webcam is a 2-in-1 device that is ready to begin capturing real-time images to bring new levels to your classroom engagement. It can be used at home, in an office, or at school.

Automatically Installs Drivers When the Device Is Plugged in


  • Very good quality
  • Comes with 3 LED lights for those who need lighting
  • Portable, foldable, and able to take it anywhere on-the-go


  • Not compatible with Zoom
  • No carrying case to travel with

The Camera That Can Manually Adjust Image Reversal

Best For: This device is best for teachers, educators, live streamers, and YouTubers.

Buying Options


The Super High Definition 1080P Doc Cam is a plug-and-play device that is ready to begin recording videos and capturing real-time images. It is equipped with great features that benefit remote learning environments as well as in-person classrooms.

It Works With Video Conferencing and Recording Tools Without the Need for the Additional Driver


  • Arm and base are wonderful
  • Great durability
  • Excellent quality: the scanning range can be adjusted freely from coins to A3 format


  • USB camera only
  • May be difficult to set up, begin using, and understand

It Comes With Optimize Features for Remote and Hybrid Learning Environments

Best For: This device is best for teachers and educators who are tech-savvy and have used devices like this before.

Buying Options


The INSWAN INS-2 is a 2-in-1 document camera and webcam. This device is fantastic for use in home, at school, or in an office.

A3-size Still/Video Capture


  • Picture quality is wonderful
  • Equipped with a light
  • Compatible with Zoom


  • The autofocus is slow
  • Live mode does not support PDF files

Well-suited for Different Light Conditions

Best For: This device is best for remote teaching, in-class teaching, web conferences, and online meetings.

Buying Options


The IPEVO VZ-R is a unique tool used to capture your teaching materials as well as stream real-time images whenever and wherever you need.

Increased Durability for Daily Usage Yet Light-Weighted (2. 2 lbs. /1 kg)


  • Great zooming features
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to plug in and begin using


  • The only image output format is jpeg
  • Cannot connect to Photoshop

Works on Mac, Windows PC and Chromebook

Best For: This device is best for educators, professors, and teachers who spend their time teaching in a classroom or online.

Buying Options

9. HUE HD Pro

The HUE HD Pro is an award-winning device that allows teachers and educators the opportunity to conduct video conferences, teaching lessons in the classroom, or showing different objects to students who are learning remotely.

Easy to Use Without Training


  • Very user-friendly
  • Great value
  • Easy plug-and-play


  • May be difficult to install

Can Be Used Without Its Base by Plugging the Flexible Camera Neck Directly Into a USB Port

Best For: This device is best for teachers and educators who are at least slightly tech-savvy. It is great for in-person teaching as well as distanced teaching.

Buying Options


The JOYUSING HD USB is a plug-and-play device that provides silky smooth live streaming videos and high-quality images for your convenience. This tool is the perfect 2-in-1 solution to your teaching needs.

Suitable for Distance Education and Web Conferencing


  • Great quality
  • Lighting is perfect
  • Sharp pictures


  • Cannot connect to a projector
  • Will need to download specific software

V500S Can Connect to PCs, Chromebooks, and Mac

Best For: This device is best for teachers, educators, and business managers. It is an excellent tool for distance learning and web conferences.

Buying Options

11. TAUSFILA 2-in-1

The TAUSFILA Webcam and Doc Cam is a 2-in-1 device that will bring your teaching experience to a new level. It offers stunning functionality and flexibility.

Works With All the Most Popular Video Conferencing and Video Recording Applications


  • Easy to connect and start using
  • Great quality
  • Can work well in dim or high lighting


  • The base is very heavy
  • Cannot connect directly to a projector

The USB Cable Is Equipped With Dual Magnetic Rings

Best For: This device is best for teachers and educators who are teaching in person and remotely.

Buying Options

12. CZUR ET16-P

The CZUR ET16-P is a fancy device that is known to be easy, fast, and can handle all your document scanning needs.

A3 & A4 Applicable


  • Excellent for high-volume scanning
  • Can scan 300 pages within 10 minutes
  • Great quality


  • Customer service could be better
  • Time-consuming

Life Free Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software

Best For: This device is best for teachers who need to scan large amounts of documents. If you have the time that it takes, this is the perfect device for you.

Buying Options


The INSWAN INS-3 Doc Cam/ Webcam/ Visualizer is a 3-in-1 device that is ready to bring your teaching lessons to a screen for large group interactions and instructions.

Easy to Use in Different Lighting Conditions


  • Easy to plug in and start using
  • Great value
  • Can detach the camera and capture images easier


  • You do need to use a certain software

Plug-n-Play & High Compatibility

Best For: This device is best for teachers who are teaching in person or online and need to show objects, conduct a web conference, or provide notes.

Buying Options

After you have chosen a document camera that works best for you, check out GorillaPhysics’ YouTube video. This video goes over the process of teaching online with a document camera, which is beneficial to all teachers.

Now, I will tell you about a few other products that are worth taking a look at.

You May Also Need

There are always other products that you can purchase to ensure that you provide the best possible teaching experience for your students. I have looked up several different items and have decided to include three of them for you to take a look at. Each of these items are perfect for accompanying your brand-new document camera.

The following are three different must-have tools that will go perfectly with your document camera:

1. XP-PEN StarG640 6×4 Inch Ultrathin Tablet

XP-PEN StarG640 6x4 Inch Ultrathin TabletThe XP-PEN StarG640 6×4 Inch Ultrathin Tablet is an excellent tool for digital painting, drawing, online teaching, photo editing, sketching, remote work, and so much work. This is a must-have tool that will accompany your document camera well.

It is compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Zoom, OneNote, Adobe Photoshop, and more.

Buying Options

2. Audio-Visual Magnetic Dry-Erase Board Set

Audio-Visual Magnetic Dry-Erase Board SetThe Audio-Visual Direct Magnetic White Glass Dry-Erase Board Set is perfect for writing and drawing with dry-erase markers. You can write anything you wish and use a document camera to magnify your drawings. You can also buy several of these dry-erase boards for your students to use to copy anything that you display on the document camera. After each use, they are easy to clean with a swipe.

Buying Options

3. USB C to Ethernet Adapter

USB C to Ethernet AdapterThe USB C to Ethernet Adapter allows users to access connection speeds up to 1Gbps. It ensures that the connection is reliable even when wireless connectivity is inconsistent.

This device is small, compact, and easy to take on the go. It is a convenient plug-and-play device that is easy to begin using and connects to the internet quickly.

Buying Options

If you have heard about interactive whiteboards and smartboards and are curious to know the difference, I briefly explain the differences of each in this article. By reading this, it will help you determine which one is best for you, your students, and your classroom.

Useful Resources


I hope this article helps you determine the best document cameras for teachers. By taking the time to evaluate the 13 products on my list, you are bound to find one or two that are perfect for you and your needs. Whether you are in need of it for the classroom or an online educational setting, these unique devices often come in handy. Once you begin using this neat device and integrating it into your lessons, I guarantee that you will never want to go back to not using one.

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