Kindergarten Curriculum — Old-Fashioned Education

For Ages 4 to 7
General History
40 Week Schedule, PDF File

Bible Study

  • Easy-to-read bible story books from the library. Figure on 1 a week.



Choose 1.


Library Skills

Go to the library once a week, learn how it all works. If you go on Fridays then you can check out the books you’ll need for the following week.

Language Arts


  • All the best Easy-to-Read books from the library, 1 a day.

Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books:


  • All the best easy-to-read history books from the library, figure on 1 or 2 a week.
  • Make a Family Scrap Book & a Family Tree.


Geography & Social Studies

  • Easy-to-read books from the library about neighborhoods, maps, foreign countries, immigration, and our government. Figure on 1 or 2 a week.