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We strongly feel that using science experiments and investigations will help students develop oral and written language, while also improving critical thinking skills. With our curriculum, you can prepare your students for future success in 21st century jobs that will strongly value literacy, critical thinking skills, scientific knowledge, risk-taking, and the ability to comprehend and analyze informational texts.

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As science and technology increasingly shape our world, all students must be empowered to take an active role as citizens who will be the decision-makers of the future. Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading is a research-based curriculum that teaches essential science understandings while building a full range of literacy skills. It’s a next generation curriculum that provides the solid foundation our children need to achieve success in high school, college, and beyond.

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A Better Way to Teach Science

Research shows that students understand science more deeply when they have opportunities to use academic vocabulary and connect science text to hands-on experiences. With our “Do-It, Talk-It, Read-It, Write-It” approach, each essential science concept is amplified through hands-on investigations, student-to-student talk, original student books, and writing tasks. This means students learn to read, write, and discuss like scientists.

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A Better Way to Teach Literacy

Literacy abilities take root and thrive when there is an authentic context for learning. Science provides many opportunities for explicitly teaching key language arts standards; hands-on investigations motivate students to read, write, and use academic language. Students also develop their capacity to comprehend informational text, which is important for later academic and career success.

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Tips for Teachers

Get More Ideas for Your Teaching PracticeThis section highlights some of the best tips to make the challenging teaching profession a bit easier for teachers.

Teachers can gain new ideas to help them deliver effective instruction, create a positive learning environment for students, juggle the various demands of the profession, and more.

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Teaching Professions

Decide What Teaching Profession Suits You PerfectlyIf you’ve ever considered switching to a new role in education, you may be overwhelmed by all the various options out there.

Visit this section to learn more about each of these positions to help you find out where you can best put your skills and interests to work.

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Teacher Supplies

Find Necessary Products for Your Teaching JourneyIn this section, you can learn more about different supplies you can purchase for your students or classroom to make your job easier or help keep students engaged in instruction.

We’ll share some of our top recommendations to give you some inspiration.

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Tips for Parents

Learn How to Communicate With Your KidNavigating your role as a parent to a school-aged child can be challenging.

Consult with the resources in this section to learn some tips to help you help you child succeed and learn the skills they’ll need for their future.