7 Online Training Courses for Preschool Teachers to Help Support Their Professional Development and Grow Career

Early childhood development is a critical time of tremendous physical and mental growth. To ensure the best outcomes for children, teachers need to have access to quality resources that can help them guide the process successfully. Fortunately, there are four specialized websites available with information on activities and research-backed strategies: providing parents and educators everywhere invaluable tools in their pursuit of educating young minds.

7 Online Training Courses for Preschool Teachers

This article will give you insight into the fascinating world of online training for preschool teachers:

Finding online trainings for preschool teachers can be a difficult task. This is because there are so many options available online, and it can be hard to determine which ones are the best. It takes research and careful consideration to find the right online training for your needs.

1. Penn Foster

With Child Development Certificate online, you can jumpstart your career in childcare and lay the groundwork for achieving a CDA Credential. This convenient self-paced program offers an accessible introduction to early childhood education at times that work with your schedule — so begin exploring professional possibilities today.

  • Can help prepare students for entry-level childcare careers in preschools, daycares, and more.
  • Fulfills the requirement of 120 hours of formal education needed to apply for the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.
  • Your online child development certificate covers foundational early childhood education knowledge like child development, the importance of health and nutrition for children, and more.
  • Online programs are flexible enough for you to finish them at a pace that works for you, based on how much time you can dedicate to your coursework each week

Child Development Certificate online

What You Will Learn:

  • How to effectively supervise and monitor the safety of the children in your care.
  • To organize activities and implement a curriculum that allows children to explore the world and explore interests, support children’s emotional and social development, and promote understanding of others.
  • To recognize signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring these problems to the attention of parents.
  • And to keep records of children’s grades, routines, and interests, including daily observations and information about activities, meals served, and medications taken.

Online Curriculum:

  • 4 courses
  • 35.5 continuing education units (CEUs)
  • 18 exams
  • 2 submitted projects

Career Outcomes

Your online child development courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child
  • Assessment in Early Childhood Education


There are 3 options of payment.

  1. Pay in full — $459. Considered to be the best option as there’s no monthly payments and there is an opportunity to save $70
  2. Monthly auto-pay plan — $514. With this option, you’ll have to pay $49 per month. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or ACH from a bank account.
  3. Monthly mail pay plan — $529. As for this option, you’ll pay $49 per month and mail your payment using coupon book.

2. Udemy

Meme Boehm has been an invaluable asset to Montessori early childhood education for over a decade. With experience gained from working with hundreds of children, she is well-equipped to help parents and teachers provide the best learning experiences possible — without compromising on fun!

Her research in various family dynamics and stages have resulted in methods that offer effective advice when it comes to student behavior or progress. Meme strives towards making each day enjoyable for young learners, while still ensuring genuine growth occurs during this critical stage of life development.

Teacher Training

What you’ll learn:

  • Teaching pre-school children
  • Strategies to get young children to learn
  • Teaching techniques for nursery and pre-school teachers
  • Teach young children
  • Home school for toddlers
  • Teaching at home
  • Tutoring young children

You can watch this video in order to learn more about Udemy.

Online Curriculum:

  • Online video content
  • Certificate of completion
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Instructor direct message

3. Early Childhood Investigations

Get expert insights and guidance from the comfort of your own home. Early Childhood Investigations offers a series of free webinars presented by leading authors, experts, and leaders. This is an amazing opportunity to learn key strategies for early childhood educators without having to leave your classroom or office — just like you were at a conference.

Get expert insights and guidance from the comfort of your own home

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify the key components of a safe and effective learning/caring environment: predictable, home-like, safe communication and attention to the child’s internal state.
  • Understand the importance of routine and how to effectively establish classroom procedures that support children’s autonomy.
  • Understand the neurobiological power of play.
  • Identify essential types of play for trauma responsive environments and how to introduce play to children.

From 2:00 — 3:30 PM Eastern Time, attendees can join an engaging 1.5-hour session featuring a brief introduction from their sponsor. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to enlighten your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

On the site you will find a large variety of webinars. There is also an opportunity to watch a webinar in the recording.

4. Centre of Diese Control and Prevention (CDC)

Since 1949, CDC has been at the forefront of public health advocacy. With science as their foundation, they have empowered families and communities to stay healthy by providing resources for better childhood nutrition and education — ultimately fostering a robust nation full of opportunity.

As a professional in early care and education, you are the cornerstone for children to lay healthy foundations. With this free online course “Look at Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Challenges”, equip yourself with the proper tools to ensure that these building blocks of development are securely put together by observing each child’s progress closely as well as facilitate conversations between parents accordingly.

CDC has been at the forefront of public health advocacy

What you’ll learn:

  • Why monitoring children’s development is important
  • Why you have a unique and important role in developmental monitoring
  • How to easily monitor each child’s developmental milestones
  • How to talk with parents about their child’s development

Early care and education professionals have a responsibility to track key developmental issues in order to help their students reach important milestones. By leveraging resources such as “Recognize the Signs. Act Early”, these experts are able to support both children and parents during this formative period of life with effective communication strategies that promote positive growth for all involved.

Take the journey towards professional development with TCEO’s event, “Watch Me! Celebrating Landmarks and Sharing Challenges”! Register by August 1st this year to receive continuous education (CE) through successful completion of 9 simple steps. No charge applies for CDC events; take your assessment followed by an 80% posttest afterwards. Don’t miss out on advancing professionally today.

5. Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Workshop is dedicated to providing support and assistance for families, equipping their children with the tools needed to confidently handle life’s struggles. Sesame Street in Communities is constantly adding content to meet the changing needs of the communities in which we work. Through ongoing collaboration, learning experiences, and local partnerships, this initiative will evolve and help you continue to make changes.

On this website you can:

  • Enhance your expertise  with a training video. Learn time-tested strategies for effectively communicating with families on any topic.
  • Discover valuable approaches to strengthening families by registering for our innovative webinar. Learn from the best and get certified.
  • Invest in your career and discover new opportunities by embracing the power of learning. Sign up for an online course to expand your skill set, maximize potential, and keep you competitive on the job.

Sesame Workshop is dedicated to providing suppor

Let’s take a closer look at one of the courses.

Caring Communities

Through Caring Communities, discover innovative ways to enrich your work with those in the community. Unearth how you can use our tool as a means for individuals to explore strategies towards resilience and finding their voice! Dig into storybooks, printables, videos and digital games — it’s all part of this creative journey.

Discover innovative ways to enrich your work

What you’ll learn:

  • Nurture self-esteem in children by providing them with engaging activities that emphasize both their inner and outer beauty.
  • Providing children with the strategies to positively approach difficult problems, help them cultivate resilience and discover healthy ways of overcoming their challenges.
  • Support your students in developing the skills to tackle their toughest emotions.
  • Offering helpful resources can ensure each student has access to beneficial strategies for managing difficult feelings.

6. Swinburme Online

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching) is the perfect choice if you want to make a lasting impact on pre-primary aged children. Accredited by ACECQA, Australia’s leading industry body in early childhood education and care, this four year program will equip you with foundational knowledge through dynamic coursework such as literacy & numeracy that builds practical skills for classroom management.

You’ll have numerous opportunities to apply and refine these techniques during your practicums and an exciting fourth-year work placement – making our degree ideal preparation for career success within the sector!

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

What you’ll learn:

  • Achieve an ideal classroom environment for early-childhood learners by leveraging age-appropriate management techniques that foster a constructive, vibrant learning experience.
  • Ensuring the academic and social development of our youngest generations. By utilizing teaching methods specifically designed for early learners, educators can create engaging lessons that blend learning with imaginative fun to foster creativity and maximize educational outcomes.
  • Ensure that students can reach their full potential, thoughtful curriculum planning is necessary. By crafting activities to stimulate learning and hone skills, educators can give pupils the tools they need for growth.
  • Uncover the driving force behind children’s behaviours and equip yourself with essential skills to handle them in an effective manner.
  • Delve into the fascinating world of children’s health and wellbeing to uncover solutions for better nutrition, safety, and overall wellness.
  • Lead the charge for innovative teaching methods that will empower future generations with invaluable knowledge and skills.

At Swinburne Online, you can enjoy the flexibility to pursue your studies when and where it best fits within your life. Gain access to an esteemed degree program without giving up what matters most – so that you have complete freedom over how and when you study.

7. Deakin University

Deakin’s Bachelor of Early Childhood Education equips you with the knowledge and skills to make an impact as a teacher for children aged birth to 5 years.

Deakin's Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

This Bachelor of Early Childhood Education offers a unique, multi-faceted educational experience for students – combining core units and specialized knowledge within the field.

What you’ll learn:

  • Curriculum theories.
  • Child development, health & wellbeing.
  • Diversity & inclusion alongside teaching disciplines such as Literacy, Math, Science and Art.

The course also provides participants with up to 10 credit points at Level 1 as well as 6 or more credit points from their chosen area of focus, be it early childhood education studies or related disciplines such as psychology and sociology. All this culminates in 80 days worth supervised professional experience – giving graduates real world insights into the ever changing environment that is child development today.

How to Choose an Online Training?

When it comes to online training for preschool teachers, there are several important factors to consider:

  1. Thoughtfulness: Look for online courses that provide robust educational content, such as lesson plans, online activities, and assessments. Additionally, check to see how interactive the online course is, as this will give you an indication of its overall quality. Also, consider the instructor’s credentials and expertise in the topic area, as this will ensure that you are receiving the best online training possible.
  2. Online platform: Look for online platforms that are user-friendly and offer helpful tutorials or other resources to help guide you through the online course. Make sure the online platform is compatible with your device and provides adequate security protocols to protect your personal information. Additionally, consider the cost of the online course and any additional fees or services that may be included.
  3. Customer service and support: Look for online training providers who are responsive and offer timely help when needed. Additionally, check online reviews of the online training provider to make sure other users have had positive experiences.

By taking all these factors into consideration when choosing an online training for preschool teachers, you can ensure that your online course is of the highest quality and will provide you with the best online learning experience.

Choosing the right course can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, my advice is to check out this informative video — it’s sure to save you time and money in the long run.

Preschool teachers play an essential role in the development of young children. They provide a safe, nurturing environment that helps children gain a sense of security, build relationships with their peers, and learn the skills necessary for success in school. Choosing online training for preschool teachers is an important decision that requires careful consideration.

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Preschool teachers have a unique challenge of teaching young children the fundamentals of learning. With these five online training courses, preschool teachers can gain new skills and knowledge to help them in their classrooms.

By taking advantage of these cutting-edge educational tools, they will be able to improve their students’ academic performance while also helping foster a positive environment for learning. These online trainings are not only cost-effective, but provide an engaging way for preschool teachers to develop professionally. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your existing knowledge base, investing in one of these courses is sure to benefit both you and your classroom!

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