12 Resources for Special Education Teachers to Enhance Learning and Maximize Student Success

As a special education teacher, you are always looking for new and innovative ways to help your students learn. One way is to incorporate the use of technology into your teaching practice.

With the right websites, you can provide engaging lessons that will help your students reach their full potential. In this article, we’ll explore 10 websites that offer resources specifically designed for special education teachers. From online courses to interactive tools and games, these sites have something for everyone – no matter what level of experience or expertise they possess. So let’s dive in!

12 Resources for Special Education Teachers

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It’s no secret that special education teachers have a lot of work to do. We have a lot to do, create, and remember! Let’s face it, we need to find ways to make our jobs as special education teachers more manageable.
To make your job at least a little easier, I’ve picked up 12 sites that will help solve this or that issue more effectively.

1. Naset — promoting the profession

NASET (National Association of Special Education Teachers) provides a unique platform for special education teachers to come together and support one another in the pursuit of modern professional development. With an exclusive focus on this vital field, NASET offers members invaluable opportunities to enhance their skillet and stay abreast of advancements within specialized teaching.

What is it?

For over a decade, NASET has been the go-to provider for professional development in special education. Today they have evolved their online platform to include an impressive array of courses, lectures, PowerPoint presentations and resources that aim to better equip educators working with those who need it most. With such vast content available now at its fingertips – from publications to webinars – this invaluable resource continues supporting teachers on their journey towards making real change in learners’ lives around the world.

NASET has been the go-to provider for professional development in special education

One organization stands at the forefront of special education: NASET. Its members stay informed on issues that matter, while striving to provide excellence in research, practice and policy innovation for students across the nation.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • ABA to Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavior Assessment to Bullying
  • Cerebral Palsy to Curriculum Based Assessment
  • Deafness to Extended School Year Services
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to Government Agencies
  • High Stakes Testing to Interventions
  • Journals to Literacy Resources
  • Magazines to No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • Occupational Therapy to Psychological Terminology
  • Q & A about IDEA to Rights of Children with Disabilities
  • Setting Up Your Classroom to Triennial Preparation
  • Videos to Who are the Children in Special Education?

2. Teacher Vision — all tips

Teacher Vision provides the cutting edge resources teachers need to support their students. Their team of certified, current classroom educators reviews and creates materials that are accurate, up-to-date and reflect changing educational needs.

What is it?

With over two decades of experience, Teacher Vision has been a leading provider of educational materials and resources to educators across the nation – from early education to high school. Millions trusts them for quality tools that enhance other’s teaching.

Teacher Vision provides the cutting edge resources teachers need to support their students.

Teaching is more than just a job – it’s an opportunity to bring your vision to life. When the daily duties seem overwhelming and start threatening that dream, Teacher Vision is here with thousands of resources created by teachers for teachers: from standards-aligned lesson plans, helpful classroom management advice or stress relief workbooks.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • Informative articles on mental health and well-being, developmental and learning disabilities, and ADD/ADHD
  • Tools you can use to help your students adjust to grades
  • Grading tips
  • Case studies to learn how to grade a student
  • Teaching articles on how to teach and manage children with special needs

3. Learning Disabilities Online — information and support

Struggling with learning disabilities can be a challenging experience, but LD OnLine is here to help. Our comprehensive resource provides crucial information and support needed for both children and parents alike; this includes hundreds of articles written by experts on the subject as well as videos, columns in addition to personal essays from experienced individuals & artworks submitted by kids too!

With over 25 years’ worth of insight into disability-related issues within education environments – let us assist you through your journey towards understanding what it takes to make successful progress.

LD OnLine is here to help

What is it?

LD OnLine is determined to open doors of opportunity for both children and adults, arming them with the knowledge they need about learning disabilities and ADHD. LD OnLine provides invaluable resources to help teens and adults navigate the transition from school into higher education or meaningful employment. Our information also helps individuals with learning disabilities confront challenges which can otherwise impede success in these goals.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • Teaching mathematics
  • Teaching writing
  • Developing language and reading skills
  • Using technology in the classroom

4. Do2Learn — innovation tools

Do2Learn began in 1996 with the help of a grant from the National Institutes of Health, seeking to bring together passionate educators and clinicians with tech experts. Together, they collaborate on developing innovative tools so that people like you can access their knowledge and resources worldwide.

What is it?

Do2Learn began as a local resource, but soon blossomed into an international source of information. With over 11 million visitors per month and fierce search engine rankings, half their users come from abroad! This success is largely due to the thousands of sites that link back – in particular for picture cards, facial expressions and job tips searches.

Do2Learn began as a local resource

Do2Learn understands that busy teachers and professionals need more than just instructions on how to adapt their classrooms for children with special needs – they need resources. That’s why Do2Learn provides access to a Teacher Toolbox containing not only behavior management plans and literacy tools, but also free picture cards as part of the package! Making it easier than ever before to devise successful visual communication systems in your classroom.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • Free pages with social skills
  • Behavioral regulation activities and guidance
  • Learning songs and games
  • Communication cards
  • Academic material
  • Transition guides for employment and life skills

5. AFIRM Modules — autism focused

The AFIRM modules are your comprehensive guide to expertly implementing evidence-based practices (EBP) with students on the autism spectrum, from infants to those up through age 22. Obtain valuable resources and materials right away — all available for download.

Autism Focused Intervention Resources & Modules

What is it?

Autism Focused Intervention Resources & Modules (AFIRM) is an extension of the National Professional Development Center (NPDC) on ASD.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • A summary and example of each AFIRM resource
  • Evidence-base
  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Implementation Checklist
  • Data Collection Sheets

If you work with children with autism, I recommend watching this video.

6. The National Center for Learning Disabilities — learning about disabilities

Explore the vast catalog of resources available at the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Broaden your understanding on learning disabilities with videos and informative articles, each carefully crafted to provide an in-depth insight.

Explore the vast catalog of resources available

What is it?

NCLD seeks to provide a brighter future for the 1 in 5 individuals with learning and attention issues. For over four decades, they have advocated for equal rights and opportunities so that those affected can develop essential academic, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed both inside of school walls and outside them. With proper support from NCLD’s team of specialists – all capable young people facing these issues are given every chance possible to reach their full potentials.

To learn more about the activities of this site, I suggest you watch this video.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • Navigating teacher-parent relationships
  • Using assistive technology
  • Using the 504 plan or the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

7. The Education Commission of the States — navigation of every aspect of education

Education Commission of the States empowers state policymakers with personalized support and innovative networking opportunities. By bridging education leaders together, their programs provide a platform for knowledge sharing to develop effective policy across states.

What is it?

Their team of experts equips policymakers with the resources necessary to understand and navigate every aspect of education from preschool through career advancement. With their help, we all have a chance for brighter futures.

What Resources You Will Find:

Connect with educators from around the United States and discover their unique approaches to meeting student needs by attending various events and workshops! Make lasting connections, learn new skills, and explore innovative strategies in order to best serve your students.

8. Raz-Kids — ebooks for everyone

Designed to keep kids engaged and motivated, their interactive learning portal provides access to leveled text in both online and mobile formats. Kids can listen, read at their own pace, or record themselves reading the eBooks before taking a corresponding quiz that evaluates comprehension. As they complete ten books with passing scores on each of the quizzes associated with them, students will level up – advancing into more challenging texts.

Designed to keep kids engaged and motivated

What is it?

Raz-Kids is an innovative education solution that equips teachers with hundreds of leveled e-books at varying degrees of difficulty. Easy to use, this award-winning resource ensures every student has access to the appropriate content for their educational needs.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • 800+ leveled eBooks for students to practice reading anytime, anywhere
  • Corresponding eQuizzes that measure student comprehension
  • Spanish eBook and eQuiz translations for ELLs and bilingual programs
  • Digital management and reporting tools to easily track individual and class-wide reading progress

9. The Bureau of Labor Statistics — professional development

Becoming a special education teacher can open up many doors – the BLS is here to help you take that first step. With statistics on job outlook and information on how to enter this rewarding field, discover what it takes for a successful career in teaching. You’ll experience not just personal growth within your profession, but also be able to explore different parts of our country; get ready for an exciting journey.

Becoming a special education teacher can open up many doors

What Resources You Will Find:

  • Games and Quizzes
  • Student’s desk
  • Teacher’s desk

10. National Education Association — autism and disproportionality

The National Education Association provides insightful information on special education, helping teachers better understand topics such as autism and disproportionality. With a range of resources at their fingertips, educators can easily access guidelines that provide the necessary guidance for addressing individual student needs.

What is it?

As the voice of America’s educators, NEA stands at the nexus between education and a brighter future. They are honored to bear this immense responsibility in light of our nation’s commitment to public school success. Their mission is to equip education professionals as they become the backbone of a unified nation, empowering all students with necessary skills so that everyone may succeed in our increasingly interdependent world.

The National Education Association provides insightful information

With the goal of providing all students in America with an excellent education, regardless of their family’s income or where they live, NEA has mobilized its 3.2 million members to enhance instruction and student success while striving for safer schools overall.

What Resources You Will Find:

  •  The Puzzle of Autism
  •  Truth in Labeling: Disproportionality in Special Education

11. Paths To Literacy — working with blind

As a special education teacher for blind or visually impaired students, you need the latest information and resources to ensure their literacy development. Paths to Literacy is an excellent website that can help! On this incredible site, you’ll find up-to-date insights on stages of growth as well as challenges your students may encounter – not only that but also discover strategies and gain access to a huge library filled with helpful materials.

Paths to Literacy is an excellent website that can help

What is it?

Perkins and TSBVI team up to create a unique online resource that seeks to expand the conversation surrounding literacy for students with visual impairments, deafblindness or other disabilities. This extended partnership is an unprecedented step in unifying resources, knowledge and insights into this critical area of study.

In 2010, two schools identified a common goal; to create an online platform where important literacy resources were saved and shared. By providing this space they aimed to help both their communities find reliable information as well as leave room for creativity and new ideas.

What Resources You Will Find:

Paths to Literacy offers a range of information on the topic of literacy, from a basic overview to different stages of development and special challenges.

  •  stages of development
  • challenges your students may face
  • a huge library of literacy strategies and resources

12. SENict — touch activities

This website is designed for educators of all levels to maximize their students’ engagement. Through the use of switch, touch screen, mouse and eye gaze activities impacting learning experiences are facilitated; providing training materials and professional development services further supporting this goal. Plus a plethora of resources at your fingertips will leave you feeling prepared in no time.

This website is designed for educators of all levels to maximize their students' engagement.

What is it?

SENict is the website of Ian Bean. He provides expert consultation and training to leverage ICT and assistive technology in order to improve the lives of people with severe, profound, or complex additional needs. Through SENIct, Ian offers his expertise to enhance learning opportunities while also providing useful communication pathways for all ages.

What Resources You Will Find:

  • Over 500 free activities
  •  27 SENict Software programs
  • Four hours of training videos
  •  A large collection of other training and support files

These resources can provide teachers and students with the support they need to succeed in the classroom.

3 Benefits From Considering These Tools

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of utilizing these incredible tools.

1. Customized Learning Plans

When dealing with special education, it’s essential to develop individualized learning plans for each student. Special education teaching resources can help make this process easier by providing teachers with access to customized educational activities, materials, and assessments that are tailored to meet each student’s specific needs. These materials can be used to create personalized lesson plans that will help students develop necessary skills and reach their goals faster.

Customized Learning Plans

2. Increased Engagement

Special education teaching resources also offer educators the opportunity to increase engagement in the classroom by incorporating interactive elements such as videos, games, and puzzles into their lessons. For example, instead of having students complete worksheets as a way to review information, teachers can use online games or videos that allow them to review material while having fun at the same time. An increase in engagement often leads to better performance and improved retention rates among students with special needs.

Improved Communication

3. Improved Communication

Finally, special education teaching resources can help improve communication between teachers, parents, and students by providing them with an easy-to-use platform where they can track progress and share updates on homework assignments or other important information about their child’s schoolwork. This improved communication is essential for helping teachers ensure that students are getting what they need from their instruction in order to flourish academically.

Useful Resources


Overall, there are numerous benefits associated with using special education teaching resources in the classroom. By taking advantage of these tools, educators can develop customized learning plans for each student; increase engagement through interactive elements; and improve communication between teachers, parents, and students. With so many advantages available from utilizing these resources in the classroom, it’s no wonder why more and more educators are turning to them as a way to provide better instruction for their students with special needs.

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