Discover the 16 Best Cameras for Recording Lectures that You Can Use in Your Classroom and at Home!

As teaching online continues to be a common occurrence, it’s important to make sure teachers have high quality equipment for recording their lectures. If you’re planning to work with students or upload lectures online, you might want to look into the different cameras you can use to get the job done.

Editors’ Choice of the Best Picks

If you are not into reading long articles and are looking for a device for your particular needs, here are my quick suggestions for you:

  1. Logitech StreamCam — for educators who host a lot of major conferences and record their educational lectures during it.
  2. Sony FDRAX53/B — for those who give demonstration lessons and need to record a lecture of higher quality.
  3. Sony HXR-NX100 — for those who professionally shoot their educational videos for YouTube channels, broadcasts, etc.

As someone who has been both a teacher and a student in online classes, I can tell you firsthand that recording equipment makes a huge difference in teaching a quality lesson. Even if your content is good, it can be hard to get the message across if you don’t have a good setup.

Discover the 16 Best Cameras for Recording Lectures that You Can Use in Your Classroom and at Home!

If you’ve been looking for insight into what the camera for classroom recording lectures might be, you’ve come to the right place! After reading this article, you will know all about:

No one can deny the importance of a good camera even if you’re making some educational TikTok videos!

I wanted to create a list of high-quality cameras that teachers can refer to if they’re looking for a new camera, as I know there’s a lot of information out there and it can be hard to make a decision. While doing research for this article, I researched about 40 products and ended up choosing 16 of them to feature. While the Adwaita and kicteck models are good, I think the products on our list below are even better!

My List of 16 Best Cameras for Recording Lectures
Logitech StreamCam

Best for teachers who record or livestream lectures from home.

Category: webcams
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Logitech C920x Pro

Best for teaching live on applications like zoom or teams, or having one-on-one video calls with students.

Category: webcams

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Best for teachers who are just starting out.

Category: webcams

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NexiGo N60

Best for teachers who struggle with background noise when recording lectures.

Category: webcams

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NexiGo →

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Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

Best for eachers who film lectures in low light.

Category: webcams

Amazon →

Microsoft →

NexiGo N660E

Best for teachers who want an all-in-one webcam with a microphone and lighting.

Category: webcams

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Innex C470

Best for teachers who want to record live lectures in a classroom setting.

Category: webcams

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Spedal Wide Angle

Best for teachers who teach night classes or often record in low light settings.

Category: webcams

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Kimire Digital Camera Recorder

Best for teachers who want to record lectures in a classroom setting.

Category: camcorders

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SEREE R Night Vision

Best for recording lectures and other content such as science videos.

Category: camcorders

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Yisence Tech Camcorder

Best for filming lectures alone.

Category: camcorders

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LUAZHECT Camcorder 2.7k

Best for filming lectures and content for science and math classes.

Category: camcorders

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HAOHUNT Camcorder

Best for teachers who want to broadcast recorded lectures in a classroom setting.

Category: camcorders

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Sony FDRAX53/B

Best for recording high-quality education content for YouTube or university settings.

Category: camcorders

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Sony →

B&H →

Sony HXR-NX100

Best for pre-recording lectures and making educational videos.

Category: professional camcorders

Amazon →

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Panasonic AG-UX490

Best for teaching film class, recording student auditions.

Category: professional camcorders

Amazon →

Stay tuned, because you don’t want to miss these crucial tips for engaging with your students in video-based learning and choosing the right equipment!

How to Choose a Classroom Camera

Before we get into the list of the cameras for recording lectures, let’s go over some tips for the process of choosing a classroom camera. Choosing a classroom camera is a large investment, so it’s not a decision to take lightly.

1. Budget

One thing you’ll want to take into consideration is your budget. We have cameras on this list at a wide variety of price ranges. If you’re teaching on a budget, figure out just how much you can spend on a camera before looking into which features might fit your needs best.

Try to find a balance between the price and the characteristics of the camera

2. Specific Needs

You’ll also want to think about your specific needs for your classroom camera. Do you often record lectures from home during times with low lighting? Maybe you’re looking to record live lectures in the classroom for students to review at home on a later date. No matter your needs, there are webcams and camcorders with features to suit them!

The Best Cameras for Recording Lectures

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of video-based learning and the tops tips for creating engaging video lectures, let’s get into the cameras for recording. Teachers and students can agree that a high-quality camera with clear sound quality is essential for recording lectures, so here are our top choices in a wide range of prices!

Category One: Webcams

The first category of cameras we have is webcams, which are small external cameras that connect to your computer and provide a video stream. These tend to be a cheaper option for those on a budget, though they are still certainly an upgrade from the average built-in webcam that comes with your computer. The options below provide excellent video quality as well as audio quality for your lectures!

1. Logitech StreamCam

The first webcam on our list is the Logitech StreamCam, the best video camera for for classroom recording capable of both streaming and recording once hooked up to your computer. This camera has a wide range of features and offers full 1080p HD resolution at 60 frames per second (fps) to provide crisp video quality for your lectures. The StreamCam can be connected to both PC and Mac computers and offers an auto-focus feature, so you never have to worry about adjusting the focus while you teach.

High-bandwidth USB-C connection ensures stable and reliable HD video quality for your streams and videos


      • This camera is incredibly convenient to use, connecting to your computer with a USB cable.
      • The mounting options are versatile, meaning you can choose to mount this camera on your monitor or somewhere else on a tripod.
      • The StreamCam also comes with specialized software for editing and optimizing your videos.


      • While the StreamCam comes with a lot of great features, you’ll have to purchase a microphone separately, which can be a significant expense.

Combine StreamCam with the included Logitech Capture software to unlock powerful features that automate focus exposure and more

See how Logitech streaming cameras and microphones unleash teachers’ creativity to bring learning to life, engaging students anytime, anywhere. In this video, you’ll find how teachers use Logotech products. For example, one can work fron wherever he wants, transcribe what he is saying and make lessons more dynamic.

Best for: teachers who record or livestream lectures from home and want a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use webcam

Buying options

2. Logitech C920x Pro

Next up, we have the Logitech webcam C920x Pro, which is an extremely popular HD webcam that is known for being easy to use. This Logitech camera has many features, including high-definition recording capabilities with video quality of 720p with 30 fps. This webcam utilizes USB for its connectivity technology which makes it easy to use no matter what computer you own.

You’ll make a strong impression when it counts with crisp, clearly detailed and vibrantly colored video


      • This best webcam for recording lectures has many pros, including its HD lighting adjustment and autofocus features, which allow you to ensure perfect quality in your videos without having to adjust while you’re teaching live.
      • This device is optimized for video calls and applications like Zoom and Teams, which are platforms that host a lot of online teaching.
      • Dual mics make for great audio that many say sounds just like you’re in the room with someone!


      • While this is a great camera overall, it doesn’t have the video quality some other cameras do. However, 720p is still considered HD and for many classroom settings it’s perfectly sufficient.

Capture natural sound on calls and recorded videos

Chris Panton unboxes and reviews the Logitech C920x Pro HD webcam. He promises it will improve your video quality on conference calls (zoom, google meets, skype, hangouts, facebook, etc). Is that true? Let’s check it!

Best for: teaching live on applications like zoom or teams, or having one-on-one video calls with students

Buying options


The next webcam on our list is the IFROO FHD, which is an extremely affordable and easy to use option for teachers just starting out. This wide-angle webcam has a lot of great features in a tiny package. Its HD lens allows for 1080p HD video quality and 30 fps. Its built-in microphone has great quality up to a 3-foot range.

Clear picture and video special for Skype, Zoom video conferencing and Youtube recording


      • The biggest pro for this webcam for recording lectures is its price, which is very low for the world of webcams.
      • Despite being affordable, this camera still comes with HD video quality and a built-in mic, making it an all-in-one package.
      • It’s also compatible with a wide variety of computers and operating systems, so it’s likely to work with the equipment you already have.


      • One con of this webcam is that it does not come with image stabilization, which means you have to be careful that the picture is straight when you mount your webcam. Always be sure to double check it before filming!

Voice reception range up to 3 meter

Want to learn more? Check up this great video review by Adam Harte. He should be really great at it, as he covinced a few people to purchaise this webcam.

Best for: Teachers who are just starting out and need an all-in-one lecture recording camera

Buying options

4. NexiGo N60

Up next, we have the NexiGo N60 USB, an option that affords both quality and privacy. This camera comes with a wide range of features, and is designed as a ‘business’ webcam, making it perfect to use for work purposes as a teacher. It also comes with a privacy cover and a clip for mounting the camera on your monitor.

The privacy cover blocks the lens when the webcam is not in use


      • Something great about this camera is its microphone comes with a noise-cancelling feature. This means that your students will only be able to hear your voice, and any background noises will be filtered out.
      • The privacy cover is a great feature as well, as it allows you to cover the camera when you aren’t teaching or working for peace of mind.


      • This is yet another webcam without image stabilization technology, meaning you’ll have to make sure the camera is mounted straight on your monitor before filming or teaching.
      • It also doesn’t have an autofocus feature, meaning you’ll have to be a bit more careful about staying in focus during your lectures.

NexiGo N60 Webcam produces exceptionally sharp and clear videos at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 with 30fps

In this video, The Net Guy is taking a look at the NexiGo N60 budget lecture recording camera. He will show you an example of the resolution and quality, along with some pointers on how to tune up the NexiGo using their software for the best picture quality.

Best for: teachers who struggle with background noise when recording lectures

Buying options

5. Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Next, we have the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema, another model designed as a business webcam. This camera has many features, including 720p HD widescreen video at up to 30 fps. It has an aluminum body and comes with a built-in microphone with noise cancelling technology.

Auto Focus, High-precision glass element lens


      • This camera comes with signature Microsoft ClearFrame technology, which ensures the smoothest and clearest video quality possible, even with video calls and livestreams.
      • It films with high quality in even low lighting, meaning if you teach nighttime or early morning classes your video quality shouldn’t be affected too much.
      • This device is also extremely lightweight, coming in at just 0.21 pounds!


      • This device is great, but it has a much more limited range of devices that it’s compatible with.
      • If your computer operates on Windows 10, you might experience some software issues with this webcam and might want to pick another one from our list.

Digital, noise-canceling microphone helps improve speech quality

Is it the Perfect Skype Webcam? Let’s find it out with the video by Tech United. The video dicsusses pros and cons, mounting mechanism, mic quality and many other feachures.

Best for: teachers who film lectures in low light, such as late night or early morning

Buying options

6. NexiGo N660E

Here we have another NexiGo webcam, this time with even more features and user control for a more advanced camera experience. This NexiGo N660E has many features, including a built-in ring light for optimal lighting at any time of day. A magnetic privacy cover offers peace of mind and dual noise reducing mics capture amazing sound.

The NexiGo N660E has a built-in ring light that offers lighting at three different levels with easy touch controls


      • The biggest pro of this webcam is definitely the built-in ring light. This feature offers lighting at three different levels and is easily adjustable even when recording!
      • There is a built-in microphone that works in all directions which the company itself describes as being perfect for online teaching.


      • Nothing’s found!

You can use the N660E in applications like Skype, Zoom, and most other popular conferencing or recording applications

The video below is about Nexigo Webcam N660. It shows us such aspects as video quality, Mac compatibility, privacy cover, etc. In fact, this video was filmed using the N660 right out of the box.

Best for: teachers who want an all-in-one webcam with a microphone and lighting

Buying options

7. Innex C470

Next up, we have the Innex C470, which is an advanced piece of technology perfect for online teaching. This Innex lecture recording camera has many features, including embedded auto-zoom, which uses AI to detect all participants in the room and keep the frame perfectly in the center. It also has a built-in microphone with up to 26 feet of range.

The AI tracking detects all participants in the room, and adjusts its view to keep the frame perfectly centered


      • This camera would be great for recording in-person lectures taking place in classrooms.
      • The built-in microphone has a much higher range than the other cameras on our list, and auto-zoom can easily adjust to multiple participants.
      • It also uses USB, so it is extremely easy to set up, even with tricky school computers.


      • While this webcam is a little more advanced than others on our list, it comes with a price. This camera is a little on the pricier side for a webcam, but it has some great capabilities.

Featuring 4K image quality with ultra wide angle, the Innex C470 conference cam delivers superb video

See these guys unboxing Innex C470, 4K super wide angle webcam with auto-framing. You can use it in the conference room, your blended learning classroom, and while online coaching.

Best for: teachers who want to record live lectures in a classroom setting

Buying options

8. Spedal Wide Angle

Finally, we have the Spedal Wide Angle, a camera perfect for low-light lecture recording. This camera has a ton of great features, including a 360-degree flexible lens and a built-in microphone. It also comes with a tripod, which is usually something you would have to buy separately from the camera.

This 120-degree Webcam with universal Tripod is specifically designed for Videoconferencing, telecommuting, or multi-person chats


      • This camera is perfect for low-light lecture recording with all its great camera features.
      • You can even manually calibrate the sharpness of your video quality by rotating the lens.
      • The tripod also provides more stability for your recording.


      • This camera doesn’t have a lot of cons, but one thing is the lighting adjustments and other features change the video a lot.

Independent sound chamber optimizes for pristine, studio-quality sound

This PC webcam can stram at 30/frames per second, which delivers remarkably clear and detailed images in vibrant colors — excellent for recording lectures!  Need some proofs? Watch this review of Spedal C920Pro Wide Angle Webcam.

Best for: teachers who teach night classes or often record in low light settings

Buying options

Category Two: Camcorders

The next category we have is camcorders, which are portable video cameras for classroom recording that are much larger than the average webcam. These cameras are free-standing and tend to be more expensive than webcams, but they can really take your lecture setup to the next level!

9. Kimire Digital Camera Recorder

First up, we have the Kimire Digital Camera Recorder, a small and compact lecture recording camera that is easy to transport. This camcorder is a multifunction camcorder, and it has many features and advanced settings. If you forget to charge the camera before going to teach, the camera allows you to record while charging.

It can be used as webcam when the camera connect the computer


      • This camcorder is pretty inexpensive, and small and compact so it’s easy to carry.
      • This would be great if you were filming lectures in a classroom setting or commuting to the place where you record lectures.
      • It can also connect to your computer and be used as a webcam for teaching from home.


      • There aren’t many cons for this great little camcorder, but one thing is that it doesn’t have the highest possible video quality. This camera records at 15 fps, which is fine, but other cameras on our list can go up to 60 fps.

The video camera is useful to take the beautiful photos and share it in your Youtube

Below you will find the review of the Kimire Digital Camera by HyperDog Digital. He observes the night footage, adjusting aperture, remote control. He also makes audio and video tests.

Best for: teachers who want to record lectures in a classroom setting

Buying options

10. SEREE R Night Vision

Next up, we have the SEREE R Night Vision, an advanced but easy-to-use video camera for classroom recording. This camcorder comes with a wide range of features, including a night vision mode which allows you to record even in complete darkness. The camera can record while charging and has a time lapse function as well.

This camcorder is so sturdy and lightweight that you can take it around


      • This camera would be great for unconventional learning video recording, such as recording science experiments for middle or high school students.
      • The camera is also lightweight, weighing in at 10 ounces. This means that it is easy to transport if you’re recording lectures on the go.


      • While the video quality on this camera is great, it does not come with a microphone, so you’ll have to purchase that separately.

You can pause long video shooting at any point and continue from where you stopped without starting a new file

Best for: recording lectures and other content such as science videos

Buying options

11. Yisence Tech Camcorder

Here we have the Yisence Tech Camcorder, a fantastic camera for daily use. This camcorder has a multitude of features, including webcam function and the capability to livestream. It also comes with a remote control, so you can control the camera hands-free.

You can use this camera as a webcam


      • The most convenient thing about this camera is probably the remote control, as it really saves a lot of time during lecture prep.
      • Instead of having to edit out footage of you walking to and from the camera to turn it on, you can just use the remote off screen.
      • It also comes with two batteries, allowing it to last longer on the go.


      • While this camcorder is great, it doesn’t come with accessories other than the remote and batteries. If you want an external lens or tripod, you’ll have to purchase it separately.

This camera is equipped with an excellent 18x digital zoom function, you can easily shoot distant scenery and tasks, suitable for recording outdoor time

Best for: filming lectures alone

Buying options

12. LUAZHECT Camcorder 2.7K

Up next, we have the LUAZHECT 2.7k, which is an easy-to-use camera for at home or on the go. The LUAZHECT camcorder has many fantastic features, including a zoom lens and a 3-inch flip screen. Two rechargeable batteries and a remote control come in the package with the camera.

This is a small,cheap and lightweight camera that is easy to carry and operate


      • This camcorder has many different video capabilities including slow motion and time lapse that would assist teachers in being creative with lessons.
      • Perhaps the slow-motion feature could be used to illustrate physics concepts for middle school and high school students.
      • Because this camera has so many easy-to-use features, it makes creativity possible even online.


      • Some people can find the flipped screen feature distracting while filming. If this happens to you, try to look directly into the lens of the camera as if you’re talking to your students.

This video recorder camera can be used as a Webcam

Best for: filming lectures and content for science and math classes

Buying options

If you’re also looking for an interactive whiteboard for filming your science and math lectures, check out this article for more info!

13. HAOHUNT Camcorder

Here, we have the HAOHUNT Camcorder, a camera with a wide variety of features. This camcorder has the capability to shoot 1080p videos and has up to 16x optical zoom. It also has self-timer, a webcam function, and anti-shake functions.

You can pause a long video shooting at any point and continue from where you stopped without starting a new file


      • This camera has a T.V. output, meaning it would be great if you were teaching in a format that involved showing students pre-recorded lectures in a classroom setting.
      • It is also lightweight and designed for outdoor and on-the-go recording, so it is a durable camera that will last a long time.
      • Since it can be used as a webcam, it also functions great for online learning.


      • This camera comes with a battery, but there is no remote control on this camera. There is, however, the option to set up a self-timer feature if you don’t like spending too much time on editing!

There is a hole at the bottom of this video camera, it can be connected to a tripod

WebSlingingVenom provides us with a review for this cam. He highly recommeds this camera and says it’s amazing. Let’s have a look at it!

Best for: teachers who want to broadcast recorded lectures in a classroom setting, online learning

Buying options

14. Sony FDRAX53/B

Finally, we have the Sony Camcorder, a classic choice if you’re looking for something with peak quality. This Camcorder is top-of-the-line for HD video recording and comes with many impressive features. It has a 3-inch LCD touch screen as well as a built-in zoom microphone.

ZEISS lens(26.8mm) 20x optical zoom in 4K


      • You get what you pay for, and this camera has impeccable quality.
      • There are also bundles you can purchase for this Sony camera including other handy accessories, so you can get it all in one place.
      • The touch panel is a nice feature that makes the camera super easy to use.


      • Not every teacher will need a camera with this level of quality and price.

Built-in Zoom Microphone

Big G Video reviews the Sony AX53 in 2020. In short an excellent 4K and 1080 camcorder. If you’re looking for more detals, watch the video below.

Best for: recording high-quality education content for YouTube or university settings

Buying options

Category Three: Professional Camcorders

We also have a couple professional camcorders to recommend if they’re within your budget. These cameras have some of the highest quality you can get recording video lectures remotely, and they would be ideal if you have some extra money to spend or are making video content for a large number of students.

15. Sony HXR-NX100

The first professional camcorder we have is the Sony HXR Full HD NXCAM. This camera for classroom recording has video capture resolution of 1080p and 60 fps. Additionally, it has three lens rings which provide focus, zoom, and iris control.

Dual media slots for simultaneous/relay recording


      • This camcorder has insanely high quality, which is great if you are recording lectures for a university setting or making educational videos.
      • It is capable of filming in low lights or any time of the day.
      • It also corrects camera sway and stabilizes your shots for you!


      • One downside to professional camcorders is that they can’t also be used as a webcam. If you’re getting this camera, it should probably be for pre-recording lectures or making educational videos to edit and show to students later.

Active Steady Shot corrects camera sway that occurs while walking

The video review by UKAirscape is a must-see. He is taking a look at Sony’s very low cost, entry-level NXCAM semi-pro camcorder for education. The video includes sample images shot in XAVC-S at 50Mbps, zoom examples and a low light comparison with the Canon XF200 / XF205.

Best for: pre-recording lectures and making educational videos

Buying options

16. Panasonic AG-UX90

Finally, we have the Panasonic AG-UX490, which is the pinnacle of quality when it comes to professional camcorders. This camcorder comes with many features, including an integrated 15x optical zoom lens and the capability of recording in ultra-HD. It has a slow motion feature and all files are supported in MP3 format.

3 x Manual Lens Control Rings


      • It would be perfect for teaching film to students or recording important auditions for high school music students.
      • It also comes with a full package of accessories, including a carrying case and cleaning products for the camera.
      • This professional camcorder is really the best of the best.


      • Not every classroom needs a camera this delicate or expensive.

FHD Slow Motion Recording at 120 FPS

In this video Stephen Schleicher reviews the Panasonic AG-UX90 camera from Panasonic, which offers gamma settings for eight different scenarios, and manual control rings for iris, zoom, and focus.

Best for: teaching film class, recording student auditions

Buying options

You May Also Need

In addition to purchasing a camera for your video lectures, in my personal experience there are a few more essentials you may also need for your setup!

1. Amazon Basics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod

Amazon Basics Lightweight Camera Mount TripodOne thing you might need for stability in your camera setup is a tripod.

I’ve found it difficult to film for school without a tripod before, so I’d say it’s always good to have one on hand.

This amazon basics 50-inch tripod is fantastic for most of the cameras on our list and even comes with a carrying bag for easy transport!

2. SanDisk 128GB Ultra Memory Card

SanDisk 128GB Ultra Memory CardIn my experience, you can never have too many memory cards lying around.

If you’re planning to prerecord lectures in bulk, you’ll want memory cards to store the footage before you edit and upload the videos.

This is one of the most popular memory cards on the market, great quality and relatively inexpensive.

3. GVM 11.8 Inch Camera Video Light

GVM 11.8 Inch Camera Video LightFinally, we have a light for your camera setup.

If you frequently record in low light or teach night classes, this one is a must.

Most of the cameras on our list don’t come with built-in lighting, so you might want to look into getting a high-quality light for your teaching setup.

If you want to know more about recording teaching videos, this YouTube video from a teacher goes into detail with some useful tips. Here, you can learn about cameras, lighting, and the recording process:

If this looks interesting to you and you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, check out this article here to find out what a teacher’s work day is typically like.

4 Tips for Creating Engaging Video Lectures

In addition to getting a high-quality camera for recording lectures, there are other things you can do as a teacher to create engaging video lectures. Here are a couple tips for capturing your students’ attention with your lessons even when doing distance learning:

1. Keep it Short

While in-person classes can last a couple of hours in some cases, studies suggest that students respond better to short form video content when distance learning. It’s recommended that teachers break their lessons up into clips shorter than fifteen minutes to maximize students’ attention span. When students see that a lesson isn’t as big of a time commitment, they are more likely to watch the video and engage with the material!

The information at the end of a long video begins to be poorly absorbed

2. Make it Visually Exciting

Another thing teachers can do to increase engagement with their lesson plans is to make their online video lessons visually exciting. It is much easier to add gifs, videos, and colorful graphics to an online lesson, so this is actually one of the advantages of video-based learning. Just make sure that when you’re showing the video or image the students can still see your face in the corner so that they are engaging with you as the teacher as well!

Not only talk, but also show

3. Quiz Your Students

One way many teachers like to engage their students while teaching online is to regularly quiz them on the material in a fun way that is not punitive toward their grades. A common quiz tool teachers like to use for making learning fun is called Kahoot, but there are a variety of online applications that help students learn material as well as classroom games like Jeopardy.

You can easily and interestingly test the knowledge of students

4. Break Students into Smaller Groups

One last tip for creating more engaging video lectures is to break students into smaller groups at some point during the lesson. On applications like Zoom and Teams, the function that would allow you to do this is called ‘breakout rooms.’ If you break students up into groups of four or five and give them small topics to share and discuss with each other, you encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and allow camera-shy students a chance to speak up!

If you are curious to learn more about making the best instructional videos for your students, watch this video here. It’s a good quick overview of some of the basics of online teaching.

If you want other ways to capture material and you’re looking for the best document cameras for teachers, check out this article for more information!

Useful Resources

Some Final Thoughts

There are so many different cameras out there, but if you’re a teacher the sixteen cameras on our list are some of the best on the market right now. Having a good-quality camera with clear audio is one of the most crucial elements for a strong online lesson, so it’s important to take your time and research which camera is best for you!

Elizabeth Berry
  1. Such a great variety of cameras in your article. But I don’t know if I am able to use them. Can you advise me of any helpful resources? Maybe there are any tutorials?

    • There is an instruction of use in every camera you can use YouTube tutorials. I strongly recommend you to watch a You-Tube video made by Grumo Media. It’s called “How to record GREAT Video Lectures”. I watched it myself when I didn’t know how to use a camera, it was very helpful. Anyway, don’t be afraid of trying something new!

    • I guess it depends on location.For example, if you have an online open lesson, then a webcam will suit you perfectly. But if you have a lesson in the classroom, then it’s better to use a camcorder or even a professional camera.

    • Hey, thanks for the question. So, yeah I’ve tried one. Actually, I have this model in the article.It’s Sony FDRAX53/B. Firstly,I used it just for fun, but when I became a teacher I started to record some of my lessons. I enjoyed using it, as the camera has a wonderful quality of image and videos, and it’s not difficult to use.


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