Find The 11 Best Headphones for Elementary Students to Keep Children Engaged and Focused

Finding the best tools and strategies to help students learn is a priority for all teachers. We want to give our students what they need to be successful.

During my time in the classroom, I’ve found great success in letting my students use headphones while learning. From engaging students to helping them focus on their work, headphones offer a wide range of benefits and can facilitate learning.

Editors’ Choice of the Best Picks

If you are not into reading long articles and are looking for a device for your particular needs, here are my quick suggestions for you:

  1. Sonitum Bulk 5 Pack — for teachers who need to profitably order headphones for a whole group of children.
  2. Puro Sounds Labs BT2200s —for teachers who are looking for wireless headphones for their lessons, for example, Music or PE.
  3. Elecder i37 — for those who’s on a budjet but still needs headphones with excellent sound effect.

I wanted to help you understand the many benefits associated with using headphones in the classroom and help you select the headphones for elementary students. I decided to put together some of the top reasons to use headphones with students and the benefits they can deliver to help you see just how important headphones can be as a learning tool.

Find The 11 Best Headphones for Elementary Students to Keep Children Engaged and Focused

I also know that as a teacher your time is limited. Sifting through online reviews to decide which headphones to buy for your class is not something you have time for.

I did all the time-consuming research for you. While preparing to write this article, I researched about 35 different headphones and chose 11 of the best options that I think would be a wonderful addition to any elementary classroom.

If you’ve started looking for headphones, you may have found the YMJ 6-Pack Bulk Headphones, YMJ 4-Pack Mixed Color Headphones, or Koss KPH7. While these models are also good, I think the 11 products I selected as my top picks will be a better fit for your classroom.

After reading this article, you’ll know:

And now see my whole list below…

My List of 11 Best Headphones for Elementary Students
Sonitum Bulk 5 Pack

Best for teachers looking to purchase high-quality headphones in bulk for multiple students in their class.

Amazon →
Artix CL750

Best for upper elementary school students.

Amazon → 

Walmart →

Best for teachers looking for headphones with top-quality sound.

Amazon →
Soundnetic CCV

Best for teachers on a budget.

Amazon →

Encore →

Puro Sounds Labs BT2200s

Best for teachers looking for wireless headphones for their students.

Amazon →

Puro →

Walmart →

Barks 10-Pack

Best for teachers who need to purchase a whole class set of headphones.

Amazon →
Elecder i37

Best for teachers on a budget who still want to find fun and colorful headphones for their students.

Amazon →

Best for teachers looking for headphones with a microphone for their students.

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Walmart →

JLab Neon

Best for teachers looking for headphones with button controls for volume and a microphone.

Amazon →

Walmart →

Sony ZX Series

Best for teachers looking for reasonably-priced headphones.

Amazon →

Sony →

Walmart →

iClever HS19

Best for teachers looking for two students to be able to share a device and listen with their own headphones.

Amazon →

Walmart →

Continue reading; I’d love to share more about choosing headphones for your classroom with you!

How to Choose Headphones for Elementary Students — An Ultimate Guide

Before you begin shopping for headphones for your elementary classroom, there are a few different features and factors you’ll want to consider. Use the considerations outlined below to help guide your decision to ensure you are happy with the headphones you purchase for your students.

  1. Wired or Wireless: First, you should decide if you want wired or wireless headphones. Wireless headphones allow students to hear audio even when they aren’t right near their device. This can be good, but depending on how you plan to use your headphones it may not be necessary. Additionally, you can experience connection problems with wireless headphones, which could result in interruptions in learning.
  2. Size and Adjustability: Size is also important when shopping for headphones. Consider the age of your students when shopping for headphones and make sure the ones you choose are appropriately sized to fit their heads. Most headphones have adjustable bands, which should make it easier to get a good fit on students with different head sizes.
  3. Comfort: You want to make sure your students are comfortable wearing their headphones, otherwise they won’t be able to keep them on for extended periods of time. Looking for headphones with padded earpieces and even padded headbands can help ensure that students will remain comfortable as they work and listen with their headphones.
  4. Quality and Durability: Whenever you’re shopping for anything for elementary school students, you should look for products that are durable. Let’s face it, your students likely won’t be very gentle with their headphones, and you don’t want to have to buy replacements after only a few months.
  5. Colors and Designs: Choosing headphones that come in different colors and designs won’t impact how well they perform, but it may increase student excitement. If you think your students will be more motivated to work using colorful headphones, then this may be something to consider before making a purchase.
  6. Budget: Finally, don’t forget to keep your budget (or your school’s budget) in mind when shopping. If you’re shopping for your whole class, you may want to consider buying a bulk set of headphones. These sets include larger quantities of headphones (typically 10, 25, 50, or 100) with a more basic design. The price per item is typically less than purchasing the same number of headphones individually.

Best Headphones for Elementary Students

Continue reading to learn more about my top picks for headphones for elementary school students. Which one of these will you be ready to add to your cart?

1. Sonitum Bulk 5 Pack

If you’re looking for the headphones for elementary students, you should definitely consider the Sonitum 5-pack of classroom headphones. This set of headphones is reasonably priced, making it a great deal for teachers purchasing their own supplies for their classroom.

The headphones have a 3.5 mm jack, making them universally compatible with different devices. They also come in five different colors, making it easier for students to keep track of their headphones.

Compatible with a variety of device types

Sonitum designed these to be comfortable with padded ear cushions. They are also durable and easy to stack and store with the swiveling cup design.


  • Cushioned and breathable earpads
  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  • Excellent value for teachers.
  • Adjustable design to fit students of different ages/sizes.


  • Not wireless.
  • More expensive than some bulk packs.
  • Some individuals shared that they had problems with the headphones’ quality after a few months of use.

High-quality sound

Best For: Teachers looking to purchase high-quality headphones in bulk for multiple students in their class.

Buying options

2. Artix CL750

The Artix CL750 Headphones are another top choice to consider for upper elementary school students. The headphones are designed for use by 11-year-olds through adults.

They feature a folding design, making storage int eh classroom a breeze. The headphones also have an adjustable band and padded earpieces to keep students comfortable as they complete their work.

Can control volume and pause/play audio using headphones

These headphones include a built-in microphone and are universally compatible with their 3.5 mm jack.


  • Feature a built-in microphone and volume controls.
  • Designed to be comfortable with an adjustable headband and padded ear pads.
  • Fold for compact classroom storage.


  • Not wireless.
  • Some users say they do not work well to cancel noises.
  • Only three color choices available.

Foldable for easy storage

Best For: Upper elementary school students.

Buying options

3. Elecder i41

You may also want to take a look at the Elecder i41 Headphones. These headphones come in seven different fun color combinations that elementary school students are sure to love.

These are a stereo bass headphone, which means they’ll deliver excellent sound quality for your students. They have an adjustable band that should allow them to fit most elementary-aged children.

Folding design for compact storage

One other feature that makes these a good option for the classroom is their folding design. The tangle-free cloth cord will also alleviate some frustrations normally associate with using headphones.


  • Exceptional sound quality.
  • Tangle-free, cloth cord.
  • Easy to adjust to fit different head sizes.
  • With the folding design, multiple headphones won’t take up too much classroom space.


  • Some users complained that their headphones broke within a few months of use.
  • Not wireless.

Seven different color choices

Best For: Teachers looking for headphones with top-quality sound.

Buying options

4. Soundnetic CCV

If you need headphones for an entire class (or multiple classes), the Soundnetic Classroom Stereo Headphones may be the perfect choice. You can purchase these headphones in boxes of 10, 25, 50, or even 100. Plus, they are reasonably-priced, allowing you to get more for your money.

The Soundnetic headphones feature a four-foot cord and a 3.5 mm audio jack. Students can adjust the volume using the controls on the cord.

Available in bulk packages of 10, 25, 50 or 100

The leatherette earpads are designed to make the headphones comfortable for more extended wear. An adjustable headband is also included to customize the fit to each student’s head.


  • Reasonably-priced
  • Available in bulk packages to easily get enough for the whole class.
  • Students can change the volume with the controls on the cord.


  • Not as durable as some other options.
  • Only available in black.

Volume controls located on cord

Best For: Teachers on a budget.

Buying options

5. Puro Sounds Labs BT2200s

The Puro Sounds Labs BT2200s headphones are a great solution if you’ve been searching for wireless headphones for your students. These headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and can connect with compatible devices.

They have a 30-foot range, so even if students walk away from the device they’re using, they’ll still be able to continue to hear the audio that is playing. The headphones feature a long-lasting battery with a life of 20 hours for listening to audio or 200 hours when in standby mode.

Limited volume of 85 decibels to protect children's ears

Your students will like that these headphones are available in nine different colorful options, such as white with hot pink, white with purple, white with green, and black with blue.


  • Designed to protect students’ ears with a maximum volume of 85 decibels.
  • Can connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly.
  • Long battery life.
  • Reduces background noise to help students focus.


  • May be too larger for younger elementary students.
  • More expensive than other options.
  • Not as durable as you may expect given the price.

High-quality studio sounds

These guys from YouTube channel The Average Nobodies demostrate and review these headphones. They are discussing the features and possibilities of the device.

Best For: Teachers looking for wireless headphones for their students.

Buying options

6. Barks 10-Pack

Take a look at the Barks 10-pack of classroom headphones if you are trying to keep the amount you spend to a minimum. This bulk set of headphones is reasonably-priced and designed to meet the needs of elementary school teachers and students.

Each headphone features an adjustable head piece that allows it to deliver a comfortable fit to elementary school students of all ages. The headphones are also designed to be easy to clean and durable, which is very important for classroom.

One-size fits all for elementary students

Barks added some noise reducing technology to these headphones as well. You can use them to help your students remain more focused on their work.


  • More economically-priced than headphones sold individually.
  • Each set includes 10 headphones.
  • The headphones are designed to be adjustable to fit elementary students of all ages.
  • They offer noise reducing technology.


  • Only available in black; no color options.
  • The sound reducing technology doesn’t work that well.
  • No padding on the top of the headband to increase comfort.

Set of 10 headphones

Here are the video by Brad from Barks Tech. He promises that the classroom headphones are built to be premium quality, durable and with excellent sound quality for the price. These guys work hard to keep the costs down and ther quality control high.

Best For: Teachers who need to purchase a whole class set of headphones.

Buying options

7. Elecder i37

Next, take a look at the Elecder i37 Kids Headphones. This pair of headphones has a 3.5 mm jack, so they’ll be compatible with all the devices you have in your classroom.

The folding design of the headphones make it easy for students to carry them. You’ll also find that storing the headphones in your classroom when they’re not in use will be easier when they are folded and taking up less space.

Padded earpiece, foldable design

Students can adjust the fit of the headphones to stay comfortable. The headband adjusts to fit different head sizes, and the ears are padded to help students keep the headphones on as they complete their assignments.


  • Deliver high-quality audio for students.
  • Easily adjustable headband to fit different head sizes.
  • Fold for storage and travel.
  • Lots of fun color choices for students.
  • Budget-friendly price.


  • Not wireless.
  • No microphone.
  • No volume control on the headphones.

Nine color options

Best For: Teachers on a budget who still want to find fun and colorful headphones for their students.

Buying options


The AILIHEM MS300 Headphones are available in 10 exciting and vibrant color choices that your students are sure to love. Some of the color options your students may enjoy include rose gold, blue green, purple pink, and lime green.

In addition to being colorful, these headphones are also designed to be comfortable with their cushioned earpieces and adjustable headband.

Adjustable headband, 3.5 mm jack

Additionally, these headphones feature an integrated microphone on their cable, making them a good option if your students will need to record themselves speaking or communicate with others over technology.


  • Include integrated microphone.
  • The headband adjusts to fit students with different head sizes.
  • High-quality sound with the bass speakers.
  • Collapse and fold for easy storage.


  • Not wireless.
  • May not adjust properly to fit smaller heads of early elementary students.
  • Not as durable as some other models.

Bass speakers, 10 color choices

In this video, DB Tech reviews the the AILIHEM MS300 headphones. He finds it definitely be live up to the brand standard.

Best For: Teachers looking for headphones with a microphone for their students.

Buying options

9. JLab Neon

Next up is the JLab Neon Folding Headphones. These wired headphones feature a braided nylon cord that will resist tangling and frustration.

If you want your students to be able to talk over their devices, you’ll appreciate that these headphones also include a microphone. They also include integrated buttons that students can use to adjust the volume, skip tracks when listening to music, and more.

Universal 90-degree jack, padded earpieces, adjustable headband

Your students will also find that these headphones are very comfortable. They have a padded adjustable headband and padded earpieces.


  • Headphones include an in-line microphone.
  • Students can control the volume using the buttons on the headset.
  • The earpieces fold for easier storage.
  • The padded earpieces and adjustable headband will keep students comfortable.


  • Only four color options available.
  • They aren’t as durable as some other options.
  • Not as budget-friendly as bulk headphone sets.

Earpieces rotate and fold for storage, four color options

And here is a video by Travis MCP. He recently reviewed some budget bluetooth headphones and had a recomendation given to him by a viewer. He figured he’d give these budget headphones a shot and let you know what he thinks.

Best For: Teachers looking for headphones with button controls for volume and a microphone.

Buying options

10. Sony ZX Series

When you’re looking for headphones from a trusted company with decades of experience, look no further than the Sony ZX Series Wired Headphones.

These headphones are designed with the user’s listening experience in mind. They have a frequency range of 12 Hz to 22 kHz and the earpads feature an enfolding closed design to prevent the sound from escaping.

Adjustable headband, cushioned ear pads

Sony designed this model with swiveling, padded earcups to keep students comfortable and to make storage easier. There are three available color options: black, white, and rose.


  • Reasonably-priced.
  • Ear cups swivel for more compact storage.
  • Wide frequency range for high quality listening.
  • Ear pads have an enfolding back design to keep sound in.


  • Only three color options.
  • Headband is not padded.
  • Not wireless.

Three color choices available

Natasha Herbert insists that if you are looking for inexpensive headphones, you need to buy these. Check how convincing she is by watching this video.

Best For: Teachers looking for reasonably-priced headphones that will deliver high-quality sound for their students.

Buying options

11. iClever HS19

Last, but not least, you may want to consider the iClever HS19 Kid’s Headphones. These wired headphones feature an inline microphone, making them a good choice for virtual learning, recording presentations, and more.

The iClever Headphones come with built-in 40 mm drivers, allowing them to deliver balanced, high-quality stereo sound. If you’re worried about your students damaging their hearing, you can limit the sound level to 85 decibels.

Built-in microphone, quality stereo sound

They have a 3.5 mm jack that is universally compatible with different devices. You can choose from six fun color combinations that your students are certain to enjoy including: blue with red, black with light blue, white with red, and pink with mint.


  • Two students can listen to the same device without a splitter using the shared interface jack.
  • Deliver high-quality sound.
  • Easy-to-fold design.
  • Comfortable and padded earpieces.


  • Not wireless.
  • May need to be replaced frequently due to wear and breakage overtime.
  • May be too small for some older elementary students.

Help isolate ambient noise

Best For: Teachers looking for two students to be able to share a device and listen with their own headphones.

Buying options

You May Also Need

As you’re finalizing your order for headphones for your students, consider adding on some of these other technological tools. These can be used alongside headphones to further improve the learning experience for your students.

ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar

ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound BarThis Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar from ZVOX can be used during whole-class instruction when your students aren’t wearing their headphones. The powerful speaker uses AccuVoice hearing aid technology along with multiple voice boost levels to clearly project voices for all to hear.

Pairing this with your computer, TV, or interactive whiteboard can help ensure students can clearly hear any information that is presented through videos. You can learn more about interactive whiteboards here.

Seenda Wireless Mouse

Seenda Wireless MouseIf your students use laptops for learning, this portable wireless mouse from Seenda would be a great add-on. Using a mouse is easier and more accurate than relying on the computer’s touchpad, which can be particularly challenging for some elementary school students.

This compact mouse is perfectly sized for the smaller hands of elementary school students. If features a plug-and-play design that is compatible with many different computer types.

The mouse comes with a storage bag to keep it clean and free of damage when not in use. Your students will also love that this mouse comes in 25 different fun colors.

ZEXMTE Digital Optical Fiber Audio Splitter

ZEXMTE Digital Optical Fiber Audio SplitterWith this digital audio splitter from ZEXMTE, you can allow two students to listen to audio from the same device using their own headphones. It is compatible with a variety of devices including CD and DVD players, TVs, karaoke systems, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles.

Students will enjoy being able to listen to audio together. Using the splitter could be beneficial in a number of scenarios, including assignments where you want two students to work together on a task.

Useful Resources

Final Thoughts

Headphones are an important tool for learning that can benefit students in an elementary classroom. If you’re ready to keep your students engaged, personalize their learning experience, and help them focus on their work, I’d recommend purchasing a set of headphones for your class.

Which of my picks for the headphones for elementary students are you excited to try? I’d love to hear more about your experiences using headphones in the classroom!

    • Hi, thank you for your question. Most wired headphones provide better sound quality than wireless. To provide great sound quality, wired headphones use analog signals. This can handle more data than digital signals like Bluetooth. This means that your audio won’t have to go through so much processing to reach you. Thus, they can skip audio compression and deliver it in its full resolution

  1. Hi, my name is Sally. Recently my daughter started to spend a lot of time wearing headphones, saying that she’s studying. Are they really good for studying?

    • A good pair of noise-canceling headphones is a great way to focus on studying or writing a term paper because they can block out background noise and free students from the outside world. You can read an article on this topic on our website

    • It is safe for a toddler to wear headphones as long as their pair has the proper features that provide sufficient protection. But parents should not solely rely on the headphones’ characteristics. They must additionally supervise him or her while they use devices to ensure they are being used safely

  2. Hey, thanks a lot for your article. Everything is pretty clear for me except one point: Which is safer: Bluetooth or wired headset?

    • Hi, glad to hear that you liked the article. Thanks for the question. Well, wired headphones do not emit any type of RF waves so they are the safer option if you need a pair for long-term use. They still emit EMF radiation but on a very small scale.


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