Not Just for Music Lessons: Find Out the 5 Ways to Use Headphones at Your Elementary School Lessons

Whether learning in the school itself or online, headphones are already part of every type of teaching. Students are always on task while learning and the teacher has an easier time overall.

Not Just for Music Lessons: Find Out the 5 Ways to Use Headphones at Your Elementary School Lessons

Disturbing outside noises are blocked out, which helps maintain concentration. Modern learning with headphones is becoming  more and more popular. For example, even first-grade students now use headphones for lessons at school. We’ve already published an article about benefits of music in the classroom and decided to pay special attention to headphones, as they are the conduits between us and music.

In this article, you’ll learn:

5 Uses for Classroom Headphones

You probably already have some ideas for how you can use headphones in your classroom. But there may be some other creative uses for headphones in the classroom that you haven’t thought of yet. Below, I’ll share five of my favorite ways to use headphones in an elementary school classroom.

1. Listening to Music While Working

Not only do students enjoy listening to music, but some studies have suggested that listening to music can improve focus and concentration.

Music can also set the pace of learning

2. Recording Read-Alouds

You can record yourself reading a book for your students to listen to during center time or other independent work time. This can be a good scaffold for students who aren’t reading independently and can also be used to assess students listening comprehension. If you purchase headphones with a built-in microphone, you can even have students record themselves reading a book for you and/or other students in the class to listen to at a later time.

3. Listening to Audiobooks

In addition to listening to you read a story, students can also listen to audiobooks with their headphones. This is a great way to expose students to different texts and genres while also improving their vocabulary and listening comprehension.

Listening to audiobooks saves your eyesight

4. Customizing Student Learning with Apps and Games

Using headphones alone with other technology in the classroom can help you customize the learning experience for each student in your classroom. There are so many great education apps and games out there, but your students will need a pair of headphones to be able to play and learn without distracting others. Remember, that having some technology and headphone rules in place can help ensure that students remain on task while playing and learning.

5. Providing Students with a Break from Learning

Everyone needs a break every now and then, and our students are certainly no exception. When you have headphones for your students, you can designate times where they can take a quick break to listen to some calming music or a song of their choice to recharge and get ready to continue learning. You may also find that letting students put their headphones on listen to a few songs after recess.

It will help them regain their focus to make it through the rest of the afternoon

8 Benefits of Using Headphones at the Elementary School

Reading through the different ways you can use headphones in the classroom has probably helped to realize some of the ways they can benefit your students and help them learn. If you’re interested in finding out a few other benefits you may realize once you start using wireless headphones, or even wired headphones, in the classroom, keep reading!

1. Can Help Cancel Out Noise to Improve Focus

Some headphones offer noise-cancelling properties.

These models will help block out external sounds, which can be extremely helpful in allowing students to remain focused on their work. Noise-canceling headphones have also been shown to help improve reading comprehension in students.

2. Listening to Music Can Help Students Concentrate

As I mentioned above, one of the arguments to allow headphones in school is that research has shown that listening to music can help students concentrate. Each student in your classroom may have different preferences related to listening to music while they work, but giving them the option may help many of them to improve their focus.

3. Helping Students Learn Through Music

Using songs in the classroom is one way to get students engaged and help them learn.

Integrating educational songs into your lessons and recording them for students to listen to during independent times can help solidify the learning.

4. Auditory Learners can Benefit Greatly

Auditory learners learn best when they hear information. Providing students with this learning style with headphones so they can listen to videos and recordings of information can help increase retention of new concepts.

5. Can Help Keep Students Engaged with Different Types of Activities and Learning Experiences

You may have found that using document cameras to share text, images, and artifacts is one way to keep students engaged in learning, but did you know that headphones can also help increase student engagement? Read more about document cameras here.

Apps really offer a lot to help students actually learn something new

In fact, keeping students engaged while learning shouldn’t be overlooked as one of the key benefits of using headphones in the classroom. Online apps and games are not only fun for students, but when you find the right ones.

6. Teachers Can Stream Audio to Students to Help Them Hear and Learn

Another benefit of using headphones in the classroom is that you can stream lectures and lessons to your students to help them learn. Whether you are teaching in virtual setting, have students who are hard of hearing, or just want to make sure your class is all focused on what you have to say, headphones can help you.

You can even record whole lessons and share them with students who were absent or those who need additional practice. Learn more about the best cameras for recording lectures here.

7. English Language Learners Can Improve their Language Skills

When students listen to videos, they can hear the proper pronunciation of words. This can help your students learning the English language improve their English skills.

It can also be helpful when teaching a foreign language to English speakers

8. Your Overall Classroom Noise Level Will Decrease

Finally, when students are using headphones, the overall noise level will decrease. Not only will your students be able to focus on their work, but you’ll be able to meet with small groups and attend to other tasks without as many interruptions.

If you have troubles with choosing headpohes for students, you may find the 11 great options in our article.

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What works so well for Music lessons, of course, also works well for all other subjects. Headphones can improve learning in practically every subject. They are a good tool and more and more teachers appreciate them on site at school as well as online.

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