Need Some Inspiration? Here Are the 12 Creative Ideas on How to Use a Document Camera in the Classroom and Online

It has rarely been more important to be able to use a technically well-equipped classroom than it is today. That’s why my attention is focused on the document camera, which is gradually moving into all classrooms.

Need Some Inspiration? Here Are the 12 Creative Ideas on How to Use a Document Camera in the Classroom and Online

There is a whole range of uses for document camera school experiences. We, teachers of today, use them for all sorts of purposes and subjects in face-to-face and virtual classes.

These modern and versatile cameras are suitable for dedicated students who want to work individually or collaborate in a group. Especially in higher grades, where papers and presentations are the order of the day, a document camera like this is too good to put in the closet.

In this article you’ll learn:

What Is a Document Camera?

A document camera is a type of visual or image presenter. This tool is known for allowing users to display an object to a large number of people at once. In simple terms, it is a modern-day projector. In fact, these neat devices are high-resolution cameras that are mounted perfectly to be placed over a sheet of paper. Teachers, educators, and business managers find them useful because they allow them to write notes or show an object while the students or employees are watching.

The Document Camera Can Magnify Images of Three-Dimensional Objects as Well as Transparencies

There are three different types of document cameras that you should be aware of. These include portable doc cams, desktop doc cameras, and document cams that are mounted from the ceiling. The portable ones are great for someone who travels often and needs a device that can travel on the go with them. A desktop model is the most common choice among individuals, as this device is perfect for placing over a sheet of paper or object to show their audience. Lastly, a ceiling doc cam is typically used over a table to show very large objects to the audience. It is usually used during video conferences or virtual meetings or classes.

Another neat, modern-day tool that is commonly used in the classroom is the interactive whiteboard. If you would like to learn more information about this product, check out my other article by clicking here.

How to Use a Document Camera?

Whether you are teaching in the classroom or virtually, there are different ways to use a doc cam. I will tell you about a few various ways that you can make the most out of this useful device below.

In the Classroom

This device will certainly be a useful part of your classroom environment.

1. Read and Write Along With Your Students

Even though modern-day society is centered around technology, teachers still often use textbooks and printed assignments. You can use your document camera to follow along with students in textbooks or novels while they are reading aloud. Another way is to write specific notes and show them on it, so the students can copy what you write.

It Will Be Easier for Children to Cope by Seeing an Example

2. Put the “Show” in Show-and-Tell

All students love to play the game called show-and-tell! It becomes an important part of their day at school because they get the opportunity to tell other students about an object that they love to play with or is important to them. To make this game even more fun, you can display the object that the child is showing to the class on it.

3. Make Demonstrations More Interesting

With every child having a different learning style, some children do not comprehend well with teachers only explaining something. Sometimes, they need to be able to see what you are explaining. A document camera is an excellent tool when it comes to demonstrating how something works.

Such Lessons Will Be Remembered by Children for a Long Time

4. Review and Discuss Certain Problems

Instead of only telling students that they got a problem wrong, you can use the doc cam to show them where the error occurred and explain how they can fix it next time. Seeing where they went wrong while doing a problem will benefit both you and them.

5. Show Your Students Science Labs

When you are doing labs or showing how to do them, place the objects being used under the doc cam for the entire class to see. This will help make sense of the science lab they are about to do. For example, show them the specific edges on a rock, the beautiful colors on a flower, or how to dissect a frog.

It Is Safer to Look at the Experiments on the Screen, and Not Up Close

6. Let Students Do Presentations With the Document Camera

Some students learn better and build confidence by teaching their peers. So, it is a great idea to let students use the doc cam to show their presentations, objects, and charts.

For Online and Socially Distanced Education

This way you can empower your students during online classes.

1. Show Younger Students How to Write ABC’s or Do Simple Math Problems

You can use paper and worksheets that show students how to write their ABCs, 123’s, and how to do simple math problems. Place the paper underneath the document camera and let the students follow along and copy as you write.

It Is Immediately Clear Which Part of the Task You Are in

2. Show Students Pages in Textbooks and Novels

Students love to hear stories read to them. This device can make this experience even better by showing them the page that you are reading. This allows the students to follow along and make sure they are on track.

Teachers in LE Shaw Elementary School in Avonport, NS, Canada use doc cams while reading classes. Great job!

3. Fix Math and English Problems

Instead of only telling students that they got a problem wrong, you can show them how to fix it by using the doc cam.

CLSD Tech Services are already using this device for hybrid ESL classes!

4. Review Assignments and Homework With Students

Being socially distanced or learning remotely can be difficult. Therefore, you can use this device to review assignments and homework with the entire class.

The Whole Class Will See an Example in Front of Them

5. Show Students Important Images, Poems, Maps, etc.

To make your teaching lessons more fun, you should consider including images, poems, charts, maps, and more. However, being socially distanced or in an online educational environment may make this difficult. That is where the document camera comes in. This unique device can make it easier to show students important objects that go along with your teachings.

6. Help Make Learning Science Easier by Magnifying Samples and Objects

Since a student cannot be physically nearby to receive help from you while doing a science experiment, you can use the doc cam to magnify samples or objects that will be beneficial to them during the experiment. For example, you may need to show them a certain tool to use or how to dissect the object in the correct spot.

The Lesson Material Will Be Remembered Faster Along With Its Illustration

For an in-depth explanation of how to use a doc cam for online education, take a look at HuddleCamHD’s YouTube video. This is a quick 11-minute video that tells you how it benefits online and distance education, which is important to know and understand during these pandemic times.

To see how it can be used in a physical classroom, head over to Langara College’s YouTube video. This video explains how to use this unique product in the classroom to benefit your lesson plans as well as your students’ learning.

If you are still wondering about which device to choose for your work, we advise you to check these top-quality doc cams. Sure you’ll find a cam that’ll fit all your needs.

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There is no other device on the market that is comparable in any way to a document camera. It itself replaces a whole range of devices that we teachers used to have to use in order to create interesting online and face-to-face lessons. An affordable document camera is a great purchase for any teacher because it can open up a thousand possibilities for a wide variety of school subjects.

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