Bible & Religious Study with an Old-Fashioned Education! Check These Resources and Become an Expert in This Field!

The King Nobody Wanted
by Norman F. Langford
Gutenberg Text
Story of the 4 Gospels — MM

The Wonder Book of Bible Stories
edited by Logan Marshall
Gutenberg Text

40 Missionary Stories
by M. Eggleston
PDF from Remnant Prophesy

Mamma’s Bible stories for her little boys and girls

Sequel to Mamma’s Bible stories
by Lucy Sarah Atkins Wilson
Internet Archive

The Bible Book by Book

The Bible Period by Period
by Josiah Blake Tidwell
Gutenberg Text

Bible Stories and Religious Classics
by Philip P. Wells
Gutenberg Text
Grammar School

The Life of Jesus Christ for the Young
by Richard Newton
Gutenberg Text

The Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations, Complete
Illustrator Gustave Doré

Wee Ones’ Bible Stories
by Anonymous
Gutenberg Text
younger Grammar School

The Children’s Six Minutes
[52 Short Object Lessons for Children]
by Bruce S. Wright
Gutenberg Text
Read aloud to 2nd grade to 8th

Story of the Bible
by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
Baldwin Project
4th to 5th grade reading level but suitable for younger and older students

A Series of Fifty-Two Bible Lessons
J. W. McGarvey
Restoration Movement Text
For high school students

Fifty-Two Story Talks to Boys and Girls
by Howard J. Chidley
Gutenberg Text
Read aloud to 2nd grade up to 6th

Martin Luther’s Small Catechism
translated by R. Smith by Martin Luther
Gutenberg Text

A Puritan Catechism
by Charles Spurgeon
Spurgeon Archive

The Chosen People
A Compendium of Sacred and Church History for School-Children
by Charlotte Yonge
Gutenberg Text

Men of the Bible; Some Lesser-Known Characters
by Walter F. Adeney
Gutenberg Text

Food for the Lambs; or, Helps for Young Christians
by Charles Ebert Orr
Gutenberg Text

The New Bible Symbols; The Bible in Pictures
by M. Bihn & J. Bealings
illustrations downloadable in 5 zip files

Little Folded Hands, Prayers for Children

The Flood

The Good Shepherd

Mother Stories from the New Testament

Mother Stories from the Old Testament

The Parables of the Saviour

Our Saviour
by Anonymous
Gutenberg Text

Forbidden books of the original New Testament
by William Wake
Gutenberg Text

Notable Women of Olden Time
by Anonymous
Gutenberg Text
Enchanting stories of the principal women from the Old Testament.
Victorian Prose at its very best — MM

His Life, A Complete Story in the Words of the Four Gospels
by Barton and Soares and Strong
Gutenberg Text

Books of an Arab Nature

These are included to provide more light on some of the controversies our children will face in their lifetimes

The Days of Mohammed
by Anna May Wilson
Gutenberg Text

Three Translations of The Koran (Al-Qur’an) side by side
By Various
Gutenberg Text