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Understanding Algebra

The Normal Mental Arithmetic:
a thorough and complete course by analysis and induction
by Edward Brooks
19th Century School books

The North American Arithmetic:
part first, containing elementary lessons
by Frederick Emerson
19th Century School Books

First Book in Arithmetic
by Milton B. Goff
19th Century School Books

First lessons in numbers: oral and written
on the basis of works by Benjamin Greenleaf.
Henry B. Maglathlin
19th Century School Books

A First Book in Algebra
by Wallace C. Boyden
Gutenberg Text

Philosophy and Fun of Algebra
by Mary Everest Boole
Gutenberg Text

The Foundations of Geometry
by David Hilbert
Gutenberg Text

Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
Edwin H. Connell
pdf and other versions

Ray’s Algebra
by Joseph Ray
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The First 100,000 Prime Numbers
by Unknown
Gutenberg Text

A List of Factorial Math Constants
by Unknown
Gutenberg Text


Ray’s Arithmetic on CD, Basic Math through Advanced Calculus: $59