Helps for Mom & Dad — Organization, Books and Texts to Make an Educational Process Easier

Organizational Helps

Weekly Course of Study
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Books & Texts

Helping Your Child Learn Series
From the Government

Reminiscences of School Life, and Hints on Teaching
Fanny Jackson Coppin
Text at Documenting the American South

What the Schools Teach and Might Teach
by John Franklin Bobbitt
Gutenberg Text

How to Study and Teaching How to Study
by Frank M. McMurry
Gutenberg Text

How to Teach
by Naomi Norsworthy and George Drayton Strayer
Gutenberg Text

The Teaching of History
by Ernest C. Hartwell
Gutenberg Text

How to Teach Religion
by George Herbert Betts
Gutenberg Text

The Teacher
by Jacob Abbott
Gutenberg Text

The Child under Eight
by E. R. Murray and Henrietta Brown Smith
Gutenberg Text
educating young children from infancy to age 8

Come Ye Children
A Book for Parents and Teachers on the Christian Training of Children
by Charles Spurgeon
Spurgeon Archive

In the school-room. Chapters in the philosophy of education
by John S. Hart
MOA Text

Charlotte Mason’s Complete Text: all 6 Volumes in a Single File
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Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene
by G. Stanley Hall
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Literary Taste: How to Form It
by Arnold Bennett
Gutenberg Text

The Enemies of Books
by William Blades
Gutenberg Text

On The Art of Reading
by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Gutenberg Text

Principles of Teaching
by Adam S. Bennion
Gutenberg Text

Ontario Teachers’ Manuals: History
by Ontario Ministry of Education
Gutenberg Text

Religious Education in the Family
by Henry Frederick Cope
Gutenberg Text

Sequential Problem Solving
by Fredric Lozo
Gutenberg Text

The Christian Home
by Rev. S. Philips A.M.