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Inexpensive source for many of the books listed on this site, quite reasonably priced. — MM

Online Libraries & Collections of Public Domain Texts

Black Mask is back, now called


Gutenberg Australia


Baldwin Project

Online Books Page

Internet Archive

A Virtual Library of Useful Url’s Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification

The Internet Public Library

University of Virginia Electronic Text Center

Grace Online Library

The Online Library of Liberty


Documenting the American South

Children’s Books Online: the Rosetta Project

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Making of America

Perseus Digital Library

Online Books for Free

Library of Congress American Memories

Restoration Movement

McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought

HEARTH: Home Economics Archive

Nineteenth-Century American Children & What They Read aka MerryCos

19th Century Schoolbooks

Literature for Children


Smaller Collections:

19th Century Girls Series

Grace Gems

World Invisible Library

The Parent Company

The Evangelical Christian Library

Project Wittenberg: Lutheran Electronic Archive

Holiness Classics: Wesley Center Online

Internet Sacred Text Archive
There are some great items here, but there are also many non-Christian resources. Use with discretion.

Free Homeschool Curriculum


Other Homeschool Sites

From Wonder . . . To Wisdom
From Australia offering eBooks, Information and Lots of Help. Nice 😉

HS Treasures
resources for Christian teachers

Reading Level Assessment Tools



When Watching TV Is Clearly A Sin
by Dave Hintz

Why I do Not Have a TV
James L. Melton

Christian’s Pet Sin
by Ronald E. Willams, Director

Dangers of Television
Family Ministries

By Dr. Ken Matto

Television: the Cyclops That Eats Books
by Larry Woiwode

Worthwhile Things That Cost Money

Accelerated Achievement or A2 Curriculum: $99 for K-12

Robinson Curriculum: $200 for K-12

Ray’s Arithmetic on CD, Basic Math through Advanced Calculus: $59

Note: Many of the texts on this site are included in the A2 & Robinson Curriculums. Their websites and book lists were both helpful and inspiring for me. While I’m not able to afford their products at this time, I do plan to purchase them when we have the financial ability to do so. Both curriculums are highly recommended and while neither is intended to be used with the other, as fate would have it, they complement one another nicely.