All You Need to Know About Medicine & Nursing with My List of 14 Useful Sources

I have not had time to preview all of these books myself so I leave it to the parent to examine, and if necessary edit the texts before sharing with youngsters. Additionally, many of these texts are provided as examples of “the way it used to be” and are not intended for modern instruction. — Mary

How and When to Be Your Own Doctor
by Isabel Moser and Steve Solomon

The Works of Aristotle the Famous Philosopher
Containing his Complete Masterpiece and Family Physician; his Experienced Midwife, his Book of Problems and his Remarks on Physiognomy
By Aristotle
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Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
by George M. Gould and Walter Lytle Pyle
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The Evolution of Modern Medicine
by William Osler
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A Short View of the Frauds and Abuses Committed by Apothecaries
As well in Relation to Patients, as Physicians: And Of the only Remedy thereof by Physicians making their own Medicines
by Christopher Merrett
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The Mysteries of Montreal: Being Recollections of a Female Physician
by Charlotte Fuhrer
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Notes on Nursing
by Florence Nightingale
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A History Of Nursing:
The evolution of nursing systems from the earliest times to the foundation of the first English and American training schools for nurses
by M. Adelaide Nutting

Nursing the Sick
Practical information by a trained nurse: Directions for amateur nursing at home.
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Nursing: Its principles and Practice; For Hospital and Private Use
by Isabel Adams Hampton Robb
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Food for The Sick and How to Prepare It:
With a chapter on food for the baby
by Edwin Charles French

A Handbook of Invalid Cooking,
for the use of nurses in training-schools, nurses in private practice, and others who care for the sick
by Mary A. Boland

The Home Care of Sick Children:
a guide for mothers in the care of sick children
by Emelyn Lincoln Coolidge

The Book of Home Nursing:
a practical guide for the treatment of sickness in the home
by Frances Campbell