Make Your Lesson Plans Outstanding With These 7 Best February Activities for Preschoolers

This month starts off with a groundhog’s day tradition that tells us if we’ll have six more weeks of winter. Then love is in the air, and we are quickly engulfed with sweet treats, pink hearts, and red roses.

Make Your Lesson Plans Outstanding With These 7 Best February Activities for Preschoolers

The themes for February don’t stop with a cute furry animal or a box of chocolates. Learn more about what makes the shortest month of the year a reason for constant celebration with this list of February observances.

I know I’m not a massive fan of being stuck inside in cold weather with my preschooler. So, that Punxsutawney Phil ends up being my best friend or worst enemy.

Activities are your saving grace during the winter months if you have a child who loves to be outside (like mine). Finding fun ways to entertain and engage your child takes creativity and talent.

After reading this article, you’ll be an expert activity planner that will leave your kiddo happy and learning! Because today I’m going to share:

  • Themed activities focusing on what makes February special
  • Science-based learning activities
  • Activities for motor skills and development
  • More fun facts about February

Did you know that February is one of the most misspelled words? What better way to practice spelling than introducing these February activities for preschoolers.

What February Holidays Should Be Celebrated at School?

Sharing holidays with your preschooler is more than just giving gifts and having fun. There is much to be learned about why holidays are significant in every culture.

Celebrations bring us together, teach us about history, and show how we care for each other. When preschoolers learn about holidays, they grow their social-emotional intelligence.

Celebrate both serious and fun holidays

However, when choosing what holidays to celebrate with your preschoolers, it’s essential to respect each family’s traditions and wishes. To make thoughtful decisions about holiday celebrations, read this article about anti-bias education and holidays.

3 Tips for Teachers on Celebrations with Preschoolers

Incorporating celebrations into preschool learning is a great way to create joy in the classroom. And at the end of the day, that joy will pass on to what your child is learning about.

In other words, it’s essential to celebrate small victories. Making the little things a cause for celebration promotes emotional development. Children learn to see the world with gratitude and empathy.

Here are three tips for teaching celebrations to your preschoolers.

Tip #1 – Focus on a Theme

Creating a theme in your classroom means focusing on a specific topic. Center your learning activities and decorations around it. Themes tend to help children grasp concepts at a faster rate. This is a great way to create meaningful learning and keep students engaged.

Check out this teacher’s video for ideas and tips to create a theme your preschoolers won’t forget!

Tip # 2 – Get Crafty

Arts and crafts are essential for preschoolers! Hands-on learning by utilizing a creative outlet sets your preschooler up for success in school and life.

The actions of grasping and cutting demand control of our fine motor skills. By honing these skills early, students develop independence and coordination before beginning school. Most importantly, arts and crafts allow children to create original content. When we are creative, we are essentially solving a problem. Problem-solving skills are valuable throughout life.

Take a look at Teacher Maddie’s crafts package that she sent out to her students last February. There are great budget-friendly ideas to get the most of virtual learning or homeschooling circumstances.

Tip #3 – Showcase Your Students’ Talents

Give your preschoolers something to be proud of. There’s nothing better to build confidence than completing a unique piece of art and putting it on display.

Not only are the children thrilled to show off their hard work, but they also show their parents all they have learned. This is a surefire way to build self-esteem to help your preschooler throughout life. When parents or guardians go with their children and spend time doing crafts together, they strengthen their bond. You are making a lifelong memory to cherish forever.

The SunsHill Valley school put together a video of parent night. Watch this video to get ideas for hosting a parent night of your own!

7 February Activities For Preschoolers

Now, let’s dive into my favorite February activities to do with my preschooler!

  1. Black History Month Story Time
  2. Chinese Sensory Writing
  3. Play Red Light, Green Light
  4. STEAM Shadow Making Activity
  5. Super Bowl Foam Hand and MegaPhone Craft
  6. Valentine’s Day Music Activities
  7. Winter Snowman Crafts

I’ve ordered the activities chronologically to help you teach the holiday celebrations when they are happening.

Here are 7 fun February activities for preschoolers.

1. Black History Month Story Time

Introducing the topic of racism and diversity can be rather tricky with preschoolers. What better time to incorporate this type of learning than Black History Month.

Be Kind by New York Times Bestseller Pat Zietlow Miller explores kindness and offers emotional learning to your students. All Are Welcome by Latashia M. Perry teaches inclusivity and respect others’ traditions.

Be sincere and thoughtfully select materials for the lesson

Brittanie Pyper, the founder of Simplistically Living, explains, “…books are a great way to teach your kids life lessons and about things going on within our world, communities, and society.”

If you are teaching virtually, this is a fantastic opportunity to utilize a document camera to amplify your storytelling.

2. Chinese Sensory Writing

February is an exciting time for children in China! Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, starts on February 1st and will last 15 days. Each year represents a new animal, and 2022 is the year of the Tiger.

This is a time spent with family to celebrate the Lunar new year. Decorations of red and gold will cover their walls while they eat lucky foods. Children will even receive red envelopes full of money for luck.

Exposing young children to new languages increases brain function

A Chinese sensory writing activity is an excellent time to teach children about this tradition. You will need red salt or kinetic sand and gold sparkles. Try adding traditional Chinese spices (star anise, cinnamon, and ground cloves) for an additional sensory experience.

Then you will need to print off copies of the numbers 1-10 in Chinese. Have students use their fingers to spell each number in the red and gold scented salt.

This activity will illuminate your student’s senses with sight, feel, and smell.

3. Play Red Light, Green Light

Another fun way to celebrate Black History Month is by playing red light, green light. Highlight African American Garret Morgan by explaining how he invented the traffic light.

P.E. Coach EzFit even put together this cool little video to showcase on your interactive whiteboard. Follow along as he gets your students up and moving when you’re stuck inside.

This is an excellent opportunity to practice listening and hand-eye coordination.

4. STEAM Shadow Making Activity

This is an excellent activity to celebrate Groundhog’s day and teach about shadows. You’ll need to make sure that you have construction paper, a flashlight, and different color backdrops.

Start by cutting out different shapes on a white piece of paper. Then tape the paper to the end of a table in front of a backdrop.

Shine the light on your shape to create a shadow!

Teacher Heather, the founder of Preschool Toolkit, explains, “Kids love making shadows with a flashlight,” and she goes on to say, “so providing a few simple hands-on materials adds observation and discovery to their play!”

5. Super Bowl Foam Hand and MegaPhone Craft

This craft is a great way to get preschoolers enthusiastic about the big game day! You will need foam sheets in your team’s colors for the foam hand activity.

You’ll need to cut out two foam sheets into the size of a foam finger then glue them together. With the scraps leftover, you can add accents to each foam hand (like #1 or go team!)

You’ll need paper cups, fringed tissue paper, and colored tape for the megaphone craft. Start by cutting out the bottom of the paper cup, then design the cup with your tape. Then you’ll glue the fringed tissue paper to the top of the cup.

It's nice to have tools on hand like an Exacto knife and glue

This is an excellent opportunity to practice your student’s fine motor skills and get them involved in a popular celebration.

6. Valentine’s Day Music Activities

One of the best parts about February is Valentine’s Day! This is the perfect occasion to spread love and joy by creating music with your preschoolers.

Mrs. Susan, a preschool music teacher, put together a fun video of music activities to introduce to young students. For her first activity, you will need to cut out construction paper hearts in various colors.

Music is a fantastic way to teach early literacy learners through rhyme. Plus, these Valentine’s day songs will keep your students engaged and excited about the holiday.If you’re virtual learning or want to show this music to your child at home, just toss on some headphones. Make sure to read about the best headphones for kids here.

7. Winter Snowman Name Craft

Odds are you are experiencing the coldest month of the year. Therefore, you must fit in at least one winter activity for your preschoolers!

Try a snowman activity to get your preschoolers in the winter spirit. You’ll need construction paper, scissors, colored pencils, and glue. Start by cutting out circles in white construction paper. Give each student enough circles to spell their name. Then cut out a nose, hate, eyes, a mouth, and buttons to add to your snowman.

This activity is more useful than it might seem at first glance

Have each student spell their name and hang their snowman up on display! This is a meaningful activity that promotes conceptual and procedural knowledge.

Useful Resources

Final Thoughts

Appreciating holiday celebrations with preschoolers keeps them engaged and learning essential life lessons. You can try to incorporate any of the 6 activities above (maybe all) or get creative on your own!

When children are exposed to other cultures and beliefs at an early age, they become more understanding and inclusive with their peers. These are socio-emotional feelings that we need in society.

Which of our February activities for preschoolers do you want to add to your classroom or virtual setting? Make sure to let us know which was your student’s favorite!

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