Why Every School Needs a Restorative Justice Approach: 3 Examples and 7-Steps-Guide

Restorative justice in schools

The concept of restorative justice in schools is a multifaceted process that centers on amending harm and rejuvenating interpersonal connections within scholastic settings. Its aim is to cultivate a secure and all-encompassing milieu that fosters a conducive atmosphere for students to learn, progress, and flourish. The efficacy of this approach in tackling conflicts, curbing suspensions, … Read more

Maximize Learning with a School PA System — 4 Must-Haves and 5 Tips for Teachers

School pa system

Schools rely on effective communication to help students thrive. That’s why school PA system is crucial for ensuring everyone stays informed about important information, announcements and emergencies. These systems allow administrators and teachers to share instructions and make announcements that reach every corner of the campus. From calling students to lunch to making general announcements … Read more

18 Must-Try Science Experiments for High School: From Basic Chemistry to Complex Reactions

Incorporating science experiments for high school into the curriculum can transform mundane learning into an exciting experience of exploration and discovery. These hands-on activities allow students to understand the world around them through a scientific lens, providing the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. As an educator, embracing … Read more

12 Exciting Science Experiments for Teens to Spark Curiosity and Learning + 3 Extra Ideas

12 science experiment for teens

Scientific literacy is an essential skill for teenagers to develop as it prepares them to make informed decisions as adults. To cultivate their curiosity about science, engaging teens in exciting experiments is a fantastic approach. By participating in science experiment for teens, they can explore scientific concepts and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. … Read more