Engage Your Students with these 12 Halloween Smartboard Activities

Engage Your Students with these 12 Halloween Smartboard Activities

Did you know that the origins of Halloween can be traced back over 2,000 years? Do you find yourself more excited than your students about Halloween festivities in the classroom? Before you start planning your Halloween costume and classroom Halloween party, don’t forget to also think about choosing some Halloween Smartboard activities for your students. … Read more

The Ultimate Question — Which is Best for Study: Laptop or Tablet?

Choosing Between Tablet vs Laptop for School to Facilitate Student Learning

As technology becomes more accessible in educational settings, a growing number of students are utilizing gadgets to enhance their learning experiences, raising the question of which is best for study, laptop or tablet. This shift offers unprecedented opportunities for accessing diverse information and acquiring new skills, transforming the traditional educational landscape. Yet, the approach to … Read more

Want to Keep Phones in Check? Here Are 9 Rules and 8 Tips to Craft a School Cell Phone Policy That Works

Crafting a Cell Phone Policy at School to Reduce Distractions and Enhance Learning With 9 Rules and 6 Tips for Teachers

Many schools are banning students from using cell phones in class, citing distraction and interference with learning as primary concerns. This stance is understandable, as the aim is to maintain an environment conducive to education. Despite these concerns, it’s worth considering the potential benefits of integrating mobile phones into classroom activities. Not all are convinced … Read more