Recent Presentations

NSTA NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2015 March 11-14, 2015. Chicago, IL. Presentations Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading® Integrating Science and Literacy Amplify Sceince®: Technology enhanced, research-driven science program for Grades 6-8 Unpacking the Next Generation Science Standards: Guiding students to become evidence-based thinkers, speakers, readers, and writers Integrating Argumentation in support of Science and Literacy Development Science Seminars: … Read more

English Language Learners

Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading activities are specifically designed to be accessible to English language learners. In addition, each session includes an optional accommodation teachers can use to provide further support to English language learners without diluting the content for these students. Research results show that Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading helps English language learners make large gains … Read more

Integrating Science and Literacy

The Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading units are based on three guiding principles: 1. Engage students in firsthand and secondhand investigations to make sense of the natural world. Firsthand investigations involve students in making observations, conducting tests and experiments, modeling scientific phenomena, gathering data, and searching for evidence. Secondhand investigations involve students in making sense of investigations … Read more

Strategy Guides

Strategy Guides highlight some of the most powerful instructional strategies from the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading integrated curriculum. Each Strategy Guide provides a description of one of these strategies, an overview of how to teach the strategy with many science texts, and a specific plan for teaching the strategy with a Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading book. … Read more